Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3rd Summit Race at Irwindale a challenging day for Dalcorp Racing

Anytime you bring two high performance drag cars to the track for an event, you always expect a few "issues" that you'll have to deal with. Whether it be track conditions, the weather, or mechanical problems, we had them all on Sunday. AJ, driving our 1964 Chevelle was battling an ignition system gremlin all day, but did a great job playing the cards dealt him. With the ignition system failing and no spare box in the trailer, he had to go to the line first round not knowing what the car would run. We made our best guess on the dial in and staged him. He cut a great light and almost pulled a rabbit out of the hat, but the car began to quit right at the lights and had to give up the stripe in the last 50 feet. It's hard to stay focused when you have a wounded car, but anything can happen. If you can get the car to the line and stage it, you have a chance to win. Great job, AJ!

Erica's day in the Cobalt wasn't quite as crazy, but it was challenging in a different way. We'd put on a new set of tires and always expect a little inconsistency for the first couple of passes until they break in. Wrong! The first pass down the track she ran a 6.70 at 114 mph! On her second qualifying run it picked up and went 6.65 at 114 mph again. Needless to say, we were very happy. Unfortunately, when an oil down canceled our final qualifier, we weren't sure where to dial in for first round. As conditions were getting worse, (the air temp was pushing 90 and the track getting hot and greasy) we dialed a 6.64 figuring that would be safe - and it was. We got by first round with a 6.69 which told us that the track was indeed going away. Second round we faced the winner of last month's race, so Erica knew she'd have to be on her game. Sure enough she was, cutting a .520 light to his .550! She was ready for the win light to come on when the Cobalt started to haze the tires on the big end and slowed to a 6.72 on a 6.65 dial. The Camaro also slowed by .05, but took the stripe by .006 of a second. Lately we've been on the wrong end of these "few thou's" races! In the end, it was a good day. We scored some round points and are still in the top 3 or 4 in the points chase. Great job to Pato, Steve, Brian and all the gang who help us out at the track. Thanks also to GM Racing, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Barney's, BG Oil, Holiday Inn, Avcomm and Chris Shevlin with Chicago Title Insurance. You guys make it happen! We're off to Denver next week for the NOPI/NHRA race at Bandimere so wish us luck!

New skins and new rims...
Even with problems the Chevelle looked good...
Heading for the lanes...
Steve Warner making sure we're good to go.
When it was over, all the Orange Nova saw was
a blue streak going by!
Erica LOVES breaking in new tires...
Some of Erica's fans. This group knows how to
party! (And those are NOT our posters!)
Have we seen this picture before?
Little brother helping his sister...
Josh Jacobs home on leave from the Marine Corp
with his dad, Clint. Happy Birthday, Clint!
Cooling down the ECOtec...the day was getting
pretty warm.
Pato cooling down AJ. Kids.
Erica against the Camaro...we'd come up .006
short, but a good race against a good team.

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