Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Larry Frye "Roasted" not "Fryed" at surprise 65th Birthday Celebration!

Linda Frye spent the last several months plotting, planning and agonizing over a surprise celebration for her husband Larry's 65th birthday. It all paid off last Saturday night when over 100 people came together to celebrate this wonderful man's life at AREA 51 for one of the best parties of the year. Besides being absolutely surprised by the event (he told everyone that when Linda had him pulling into some industrial building that he thought they would be car jacked!), daughter Andrea was able to find and arrange for Larry's long-lost best friend Carl to be at the party. Larry and Carl hadn't seen each other for over 25 years, so it was quite a reunion. There were many stories told throughout the evening about the two of them and their escapades in their early years (and jail time), but it seems like they've turned out ok. Barney's and The Only Place in Town provided an awesome bbq'd rib and chicken dinner to the delight of all who were there. AJ worked his magic at "The Hoister Bar" and made sure everyone had something cool to drink.

A shout out to Larry's friends, "The Wild Hogs" and to the many Road Kings members that came to make sure that the car guys and gals were represented.

Happy Birthday, Larry! You owe your wife big time!

AJ at "The Hoister Bar"

Andrea taking a break with The Simpsons
As usual, the girls were tough to beat on the
Christmas Tree.
Larry pulls in....and was he surprised!
Larry didn't know whether to laugh or cry so
he did both!!
Linda honoring her husband and welcoming

Another surprise...Carl and Larry reunited after
25 years. Carl's first words to Larry.."You look old!"
Larry and Carl having a moment with a hundred
or so of their closest family and friends.
.......this sums up the evening......
Barney's and The Only Place in Town put on a
bbq dinner second to none.

Andrea getting in a little mike time.....
Larry's hot rod...lookin' good under the lights.

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