Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surprise! Surprise! The "Al" in Dalcorp turns 60! Mom and the Kids put one over on Dad!

First off, let me say that you will never see me in so many pictures ever again! But since it is my birthday that's featured, I had to be in some of the photos. With the help of many friends and family, Debbie and the kids turned the tables on ol' dad. And one of the major players in this plot was Chris Stewart, a close friend of the family. The story was that her dad was turning 90 and she wanted to have a surprise party for him at Dalcorp/AREA 51. The date just happened to be May 9th, my birthday, and she was hoping that the date was open. It was. I had promised the kids that I wouldn't book a party on my birthday, but when Chris came to me with her dad turning 90 and all...well, I just couldn't say no. And so from that time on I basically helped plan my own party but didn't know it! How creative was that? Brilliant.

The kids put together quite an evening including a casino night, my own personalized wine, "The Fat Italian", vintage 1949, my favorite food, a tuxedo shirt (more on that later), and a beautifully decorated cake that they baked themselves. But what made the evening really special? Having so many of my friends and family there to share it with me. It was a night that I will always remember, and to all that were there, Thank You! To Debbie, Kristy, Erica, Kimmy, and AJ....It was one of the best nights of my life. And I WILL return the favor some day!!

All the gang gathering up the street for the big
surprise. I understand Kim was "very direct" in
keeping everyone organized.

When I opened the door I thought they were
delivering the centerpieces for the tables. Wow,
was I ever wrong!

Here's the sneaky group that pulled it off...You
got me!

Kim and Deedie Street sharing a moment...

The surprise was still sinking in......

My first gift of the evening; a tuxedo
shirt. You see, a tux shirt says "I want
to be formal, but I like to party." A must have...

Good eats, good friends.

John Blindbury on the left, Tom Agee on the
right. We've traveled some miles together. John
and I go back to 2nd grade; Tom almost that far
back and he was also the best man in our wedding.

Deb's partner in crime, Candyce Rieling, made
a surprise appearance driving out for the night
from Durango, CO. Thank you, Candy!

Underneath all that yummy icing was
THE best carrot cake!

The girls giving Chris Stewart flowers for her
part in the devilish deed. You're on my list, Chris!

Mike, Dane and The Hulk...that's The Hulk
in the back.

Mernie and Meats...a little "Glam" at the party!

Now were talkin'....gimme some!!!!

Cousin Courtney, holding our grand niece lil' Kass,
also came out from Colorado with her best boyfriend,
Jason. Thank you both!

Two "Wild and Crazy Guys!"

Tom Agee took over as dealer (that's the real
dealer, second from the left) and guess what?
Everyone started winning!!!

Jim Mnoian enjoying some "Fat Italian."

240 plus years of nothin' but fun, right guys?
Geez, we're old!

Erica announcing the big winner of the casino
night. Do you think Chris Shevlin knows he's

Chris receiving his prizes from Kimmy. $36,975.00
took first prize. Way to go, Chris!

Thanks, kids. I love you all!! What a night.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Al! The "Big 60". Wishing you many more fun days. Regards, Steve Metz

Frank Payne said...

Seeing you reminds me of your Dad Al, who was my favorite Uncle. wish I could have been there to help with the cake!
Your Cuz Frankie