Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When 13 adrenaline junkies gathered at the Perris Valley Skydiving School the question of the day was, "ARE YOU READY TO SKYDIVE?" The Dalcorp group along with family members and friends descended on the school for two reasons: 1. To celebrate Kimberly Nocita's level 8 jump to complete her AFF certification. 2. AJ Nocita's 21st birthday. Most of the supporting cast were first time jumpers but there were two who had jumped before. This would be the 3rd jump for Margaret Davis, the senior member of the group at 87 years young. Her daughter, Colleen Heublein, had also made a previous jump so many of the first-timers looked to them for direction. The instructors and staff at the school were awesome and made the morning a lot of fun even before the jump. You got the feeling that everyone had the theme from "Top Gun" playing in their heads as they readied themselves for their jump. There was high energy in the air to say the least. And with all the great pictures that were taken, this week's blog will be in two parts but it could have easily been in three or four! It was a safe day and one that won't be soon forgotten. "ARE YOU READY TO SKYDIVE?"

Debbie helping with the check in process on
Saturday morning...and it was a process!

Some classroom instruction and a video.

Derek Ness and AJ signing their lives away for real

Kimberly and her instructor, Joe, going over
the plan for her level 8 jump. Joe's been with
her the last 4 jumps.

Debbie getting some instruction from "AD."
She looks pretty calm...I think she felt that she
was in good hands!

AJ was trying to get pumped up.....right.

Some final words (no pun intended) and instructions.

....move over Tom Cruise.

This group is ready to go!
Cousin Carol with her instructor...no worries!

Keith and Denise Brown drove down just to watch
the jump. Now that's friendship...or they're in
the will!

The first gang to take to the skies. There were
so many in the group that they had to go up in
two planes.

And the instructors....

There goes that "Top Gun" theme music again!

Final exiting instructions for Kimberly.

Debbie with her camera girl and instructor.
We'll see some good action photos of Deb in part 2.

Carol and Debbie sharing a final moment before
the jump......don't say it.
...third and final equipment check.

This is getting to be old school for Mahgy...no
big deal.
Colleen keeping everyone pumped up!

This group looks pretty relaxed considering that
in just a few minutes they'll be jumping out of a
perfectly good airplane!

...another day, another jump.

The one that started it all. In part 2 will have
some more info on Mahgy's adventures.

It's go time!!!

Dane thoroughly enjoyed the day. He clapped
and cheered for every skydiver and plane that
came in.

Joe and Kimberly exiting the plane...12,500 feet
of fun!!!!

Deb coming in with "AD."

A perfect landing!

A very HAPPY landing!

Cousin Carol on her way.

AJ dropping out...those are some arms and legs!

I think AJ was having a good time.

Bummer...time to pull.

What a ride...what a view!

Kimberly on approach.
The Derek has landed!

...and so has AJ.

It never gets old...and neither does Mahgy!


Carol's son Carlo still has a mommy.

...And they walked away!

"The mommy has landed!"

Kimberly and Joe going over the jump.
Level 8: PASSED!

VICTORY! .....and makin' memories.

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