Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If It's Saturday It Must Be Perris. Kimberly Nocita Nears "A" License!

Since obtaining her AFF Certification just a few weeks ago, Kimberly Nocita has taken to the friendly skies above Perris, California just about every Saturday since then and is only 5 jumps away from obtaining her "A" license. It's been quite a learning curve as she's not only perfecting her skills in the air and under canopy, but is also testing different rigs and canopy sizes to see what suits her best. "It's amazing how the slightest changes in the equipment effect how you feel during free fall and when you're flying the canopy. They all have unique characteristics and it's been fun experimenting each week with a new set up."

Kimberly will also be taking a class in the near future to learn how to pack her own parachute. The class is required as part of her licensing requirements. "The first jump I make after packing my own chute will probably be my most exciting jump so far. That's one class that I'll really be paying close attention to what the teacher says."

We hope you get an "A" in that class! Good luck, Kim!

Kim suiting up with some new equipment in
"Square 1", the jump store at Perris.

A little quiet time before a jump.

Notice the difference in the size of the rigs. Kim's,
on the left, and a tandem set up on the right. The
tandem canopy has to accommodate two people so it's
huge and weighs around 80 pounds! Why doesn't
the guy in the middle have a chute? He's just going
along for the ride...and what a ride!

Kim exits the plane with a "diving" technique.
Great form all the way through the exit.

Kim receiving some advice...some pretty relaxed
advice from one of her instructors, Adi.

Skydivers are not an uptight group of individuals....

Kimberly and Joe, another one of her AFF
instructors and a great cameraman. He takes
both video and still pictures at the same time.
Joe activates the still camera by squeezing a tube
that is connected to the shutter release with his
mouth. As if he doesn't have enough stuff going
on during a jump! adjustments.

Adi and Kim before a jump....

Another good landing...

There's over 45,020 jumps standing here.
Pat McGowan on the left with over 15,000
jumps, Kim with 20, and Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
with more than 30,000 trips out of a perfectly
good airplane! Dan is the drop zone manager at
Perris, a 16 time national champion and an 8 time
world champion. His story is an amazing one.

Kimberly in her "happy place."

On target.

And a good time was had by all!

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