Monday, January 25, 2010

Margaret Davis Wins It All At Carlsbad!!! "87" is number 1 at the finish!

When the Carlsbad Marathon officials decided to issue Margaret "Mahgy" Davis bib #87, an elite runner's number, they didn't realize just how "elite" of a runner she is. It was initially given to her because she was the oldest competitor in the race at 87. (Oh yeah, and she did win last year's race, age-graded) She proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she was more than worthy of carrying that number when she crushed the other 7,101 runners by posting a time of 2:47:59 which translated to an age-graded finish rating of 99.86% and gave her the overall race win! In near perfect conditions Mahgy, along with her daughter and running mate Colleen Heublein, grand daughter Katie and Mike Roblee took the gun on Sunday morning and they never looked back. They did, however, take time to stop and say hi to a couple of friends. At mile marker 8 they saw Steve and Joanne Scott and decided to stop, give a few hugs and have a quick chat before continuing on. Can you imagine what her time might have been without socializing along the way?

It is hard to put into words what Mahgy has accomplished in her relatively short running career. Since she began competing at age 79, Mahgy has posted dozens of race wins in the marathon, half marathon, 5k and 10k races, set world and national records and has been a source of hope and encouragement for many. Shouts of "Go Mahgy" can often be heard from spectators and fans along the way. Even competitors get into the action and root her she's passing them.

What's next? Mahgy and Colleen are already starting to train for the LA Marathon in March. The race will begin at Dodger Stadium and finish in Santa Monica. Both Mahgy and Colleen were extended invitations to run the LA race by Mr. Russ Pillar, president of the LA Marathon, and were also given free entry to the event.

If anyone would like to send a message to Mahgy and/or Colleen you can do so by sending it c/o: . It will be forwarded on asap.

Congratulations Mahgy! Good luck in LA!!!

At the top of the list...two years in a row!
Age-Graded Scoring utilizes statistical tables to
compare the performances of individual athletes
at different distances, events, or against other
athletes of either gender and/or of any age. The
score can also be used to measure the performance
of the athlete using the chart below.
100% = Approximate World Record Level
90-99% = World Class
80-89% = National Class
70-79% = Regional Class
60-69% = Local Class

Mahgy with Wesley Korir at the "Celebration of
Heroes" dinner on Friday night. Wesley went on
to be the eventual winner of the men's division.

One of Mahgy's supporters, Patrice Malloy. Ms.
Malloy was in charge of the marketing for the
Carlsbad race.

Olympian and world record holder Steve Scott
and Mahgy sharing some war stories. They
even had a chance to visit during the race!

Steve Scott, Mahgy and Bill Walton. (That's
Bill Walton on the right.)

Mahgy had a lot of activity around her all evening.
Always gracious and humble, she makes time
for everyone.

Heading to the finish...lookin' good!

You'd never know they just ran 13.1 miles!
Mike, Colleen, Mahgy and Katie. Way to go!!!

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