Friday, June 11, 2010

Krissy Reyes Makes Her "Debut" at AREA 51. Friends and family gather for coming-of-age celebration.

When Krissy Reyes turned 18 she knew there would be a big party. She just didn't know how big and where it would be. She got quite a surprise as she was driven into AREA 51's "Bat Cave" where she was met by all of her relatives and friends for her "Debut" celebration. The Philippine Debut is a cultural tradition of the Filipino people. It is a coming-of-age celebration for Philippine women that is somewhat reminiscent of the Spanish tradition of the "Quinceanera" celebration. The biggest difference is the age at which the celebration takes place. The Philippine Debut celebrates a woman entering into her 18th year while the Spanish Quinceanera takes place on a young lady's 15th birthday.

On their 18th birthday, Philippine women throw a huge party, complete with their own hand-picked Debut court of 18 people. During the evening the participants perform traditional dances and songs including the "18 Roses Dance" where 18 men dance with her after presenting her with a single rose before each dance.

It was a night filled with beautiful traditions and a wonderful group of people. Congratulations Krissy and thanks mom and dad for letting us be a part of your very special night.

Olivia, John and Krissy...ready to party!

The cake was made by a friend of the family and
was it good!

One of the "special guys."

...let's just say that there wasn't any "family
hold back" orders at this dinner!

Enter the guest of honor!

...Krissy Reyes.

Do you think mom is just a little bit proud
of Krissy?

The first of many traditional dances during
the night.

Not yet, Krissy!

This little guy was ready to party! He could
moon walk like MJ!

Krissy Reyes (in red) leading the dance.

These two put on quite a show.

Dad's buttons were popping off his chest also.

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