Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Feet For Fener" A Huge Success. Fundraiser for Nick Fener raises over $42,000.00 at the Perris Valley Drop Zone.

It was almost 8 months ago that our friend, Nick Fener, had a severe skydiving accident at the Perris Valley drop zone. After his canopy collapsed on his final approach, Nick fell approximately 100 feet to the ground and suffered severe injuries to his back, legs and internal organs. It is a miracle that he survived. But those of us who know Nick Fener knew that if he made it through those first few critical days that he'd be back. And back he was!! Just a few months after the accident Nick was back out at the Perris Valley drop zone to attend a fundraiser that his family and friends put on help support Nick and his fiance, Lindsay Showalter. It was determined that given the damage done to his legs and ankles, it would be best to amputate them so that he could be fitted with prosthetics. The evening took on a life of it's own. "Feet for Fener" became the battle cry and the money raised would go towards the purchase of his new legs. The skydiving community along with friends and family rallied 'round Nick and Lindsay raising over $42,000.00 and had a great time doing it. The pictures below tell some of the story but it was one of those times where "you really had to have been there" to appreciate the love and support that was focused on Nick. As of January of 2012, Nick not only has his new legs but is making unbelievable progress in his use of them and his mobility. From early on, Nick's attitude has been "Get Busy Livin' ", and live he has. It is hard to put into perspective what these two have been through, but if you like a good read, go to their blog: It will inspire you beyond belief.
There was something for everyone at "Feet For Fener."

Large or small, everyone was there to support Nick
and Lindsay.

Debbie with the man, the myth, the legend..Nick Fener.
Nick took me on my first tandem jump just months before
when Debbie and I jumped on our 38th wedding anniversary.

Lindsay had a good time from start to finish...and
it showed!!!

It was hard for Nick to get through the crowd. I don't think
he moved more than 50 feet in an hour!

Oh and did I mention there were lots of goodies, too.

Several bands performed all afternoon and into the evening.
The drop zone was rockin'!!

"Feet For Fener" T-shirts were sellin' like hot cakes!

The most moving moment of the night, Nick addressing his
friends and family. It was something that none of us will
ever forget.

Lindsay's smile says it all....

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Nick
had Lindsay come up and be with him. What an
unbelievable story.

Kimmy and Lindsay at the end of the night...a little tired
and overwhelmed to say the least. What a night.

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