Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quarterly BG Oil Training

It was training time again for BG Oil Products as Mikey B, Charlie, Frank and the boys came in to hold their quarterly training meeting with us last Wednesday, April 23rd. Since BG has come on board with us as a sponsor several years ago, we've had the privilege of hosting these quarterly events here at Dalcorp along with one or two management breakfasts each year. We really enjoy meeting the many service writers from dealerships and independents that come from all over Southern California to attend the classes. These sessions give them valuable tools to better serve their customers in the very competitive arena of automotive service. It's not a "rah-rah" session for BG to push their products (although they should do a little more of that since their products are awesome!), but a chance for them to give a little something back to their industry and to educate the service professional about the products and services they have made available. Since most of those who attend are car guys and gals, it's really fun to talk about our program with them and some of our race cars. This last group was particularly engaging. We had several interesting discussions during the breaks and after the class about their cars, hot rods and some things they'd like to do.

Great job as always guys; you put on a heck of a show!

Homer comes to all the meetings...he wants Mikey B's job!

Even Elliot Sadler showed up...

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