Monday, April 28, 2008

Second Summit Series Race this Sunday at Irwindale

Erica and AJ Nocita will be out at Irwindale this Sunday, May 4th for the second Summit Series race at Irwindale Dragstrip. Erica went to the semi's last race in Super Pro with AJ going out second round in Pro because dad mis-dialed the car! Both the Cobalt and the Chevelle will be trying to go rounds on the 1/8 mile at Irwindale, so if you are out at the track be sure to come by and say hi.

There's a lot happening on the GM tuner site. With the drag racing and drift season in full swing, there's a lot to see. Erica is featured this week on so if you get a chance, sign on and check it out. You can also click on "Drag Racing" and go to Erica to see her updated profile and pictures on Flickr.

For those of you who aren't up to speed on the import drag racing scene, we had this clip sent to us off the net. We usually don't like watching races where we are beaten (or in this case, we beat ourselves by smoking the tires), but it's a pretty cool piece. Erica's in the third pair and then again in the semi finals. There are some pretty fast imports out there and even though they don't sound like a V8, it's hard to argue with the numbers. Enjoy. Gizmo Quick8 Sport Compact Drag Racing Elims IDRC 2007

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