Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Early reviews are in: "Cruise Night" trailer is AWESOME!

Tim Gavern loved the early 70's when cruising in your 60's muscle car or hot rod was still a huge part of the car culture in Southern California. So what did Tim do? He wrote a script about it and decided to make it into a movie. "Cruise Night" tells the story of those times. Tim's put together a great story and cast of characters using his personal experiences and imagination. I believe he has created the next mega hot rod hit! His attention to detail is incredible, whether you're looking at the 1967 rs Camaro, the banana seat Schwinn bikes, or the vintage skateboards. If you were around back then, it will bring back some fond memories of a great time in our love affair with cars and cruising. If you weren't around, or were never really a part of that scene, you're in for quite an education. Either way, it's going to be very entertaining.
AJ was asked to drive the Camaro in the street racing scenes and also was cast as "Bobby," kind of a bad guy in the movie. He gets to play a bad guy AND burn rubber in a 4 speed Camaro...legally! How do I get one of these gigs?

We'll have the trailer up on the blog soon, or you can check it out on the web at Way to go Tim, cast and crew!

"Quiet on the set!" Filming in the park.
Tim Gavern (R) with editor Doogan Nash.
The 1967 Camaro rs...the star of the show.

When was the last time you saw four of these?
Tim checking one of the shots from the day....
One of the key characters in Cruise Night is
"Barbara", played by Stephanie Sanborn.
John Guleserian making sure everything is right.
AJ Nocita (Bobby, the bad guy) and Lance AAron
(Brad, the good guy) during a scene with the 67'.

Some of the cast running lines and going over
the script. Work, work, work!

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