Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July Parade: An Institution in Sierra Madre

The Fourth of July Parade in Sierra Madre defines the spirit and make up of this jewel of a town. It's a city that has maintained it's traditions and home town feel for as long as it's been around. As far back as anyone can remember, Independence Day has been one of the biggest days of the year in Sierra Madre, if not the biggest. For the past several years, we've been fortunate to drive many of those chosen to be honored by the city in the parade. The turn out of spectators and parade entries was one of the largest in recent years. Residents and visitors from neighboring cities lined the entire parade route to celebrate this very special day. Councilman Don Watts and his wife Alexis were our passengers this year. We had a great time traveling down Sierra Madre Blvd. and participating in this patriotic tradition. To all the organizers and people who helped put on the event this year, thank you and well done!

Jack and his beautiful 59' Series 62 Caddy

"DONUTZI" Ready to go...
Ready to head out....Don and Alexis Watts
Sandy and Eldon cheered us on and seemed to
be having more than their share of a good time!

Jenne Ring and her daughter Bri enjoying the day.
The Only Place in Town was cookin'...and it was
all good!
The parade route was lined with spectators right
to the end.
Some moral support for ol' dad...and Dane's
first 4th of July parade!
"What's that?"

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