Monday, December 15, 2008

Dalcorp/AREA 51's Kimberly Nocita in stage play "It's A Wonderful Life"

I know this is a little different direction for our blog, but hey, it's Christmas! I think just about everyone has seen the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." It's one of the best Christmas feel good movies of all time and was recently put on at First Church of the Nazarene by The Cornerstone Theatre Group. The movie was presented as a live radio show broadcast, done in period costume, complete with foley artists right on stage. Our very own Kimberly Nocita played Mary, George Bailey's wife, and put on a fabulous performance as did the entire cast! The broadcast was performed as it would have been in the mid 40's and the attention to detail was incredible. You felt as though you were part of a real radio broadcast, complete with "On the Air" and "Applause" signs to cue the audience. The costumes were done by Janet Vincent Lee and were perfect in every way. Directed by Marc Pierson, it was a great way to move into this Christmas season and slow our lives down for a few evenings to enjoy this "wonderful" story. Thanks to all who came to support Kim and all the players of The Cornerstone Theatre Group. And thank you players and production team for an awesome broadcast!

Kimberly Nocita as "Mary."

Check out the cool is that?

After each performance, the cast met with friends
and family in the lobby for refreshments and more
good times.

Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bill came from Valley Center
via Visalia to see the performance. Via Visalia? Don't ask.

Mom, Keith and Denise Brown getting ready for
the show to begin.

Kim had several friends from her office come
and support her.

Grandma Mahgy always makes time to see Kimmy
in her shows...even when she's training for marathons.
(That's right, 86!)

Kim with Amy Ulrich who played "Violet Bick".

Kim with New York bud "Colorado Lauren", or
as we call her, "CoLauren".

The big guy, grandson Dane Roblee, with mom and
dad, Kristy and Mike, made an appearance. Dane
made it about 20 minutes before it was siesta time.

Kim's long time supporter and violin teacher Judy
Berry came with smiles and hugs for her on Friday night.

1946? Great costumes!

Mom and Sean on opening night....

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Your blog and web site are fantastic and Kimmy is unbelievably beautiful. Congrats. Bo