Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Run, Becky, Run!" BECKY SHEVLIN to run for Monrovia City Council

Becky Shevlin has been a familiar name around the city of Monrovia for many, many years. She is what you would call a professional volunteer. Becky's willing to do whatever it takes to serve the entire community while helping to make Monrovia a better place to live. Well, she's taking her journey to the next level and has decided to run for Monrovia City Council. Becky, and her husband Chris, held a kick-off campaign mixer at AREA 51 on January 26th and it rocked! Nearly 100 supporters joined Becky and Chris in starting down the road to her election on April 14th with the slogan, "Win, Becky, Win!" We'll keep you updated on Becky's campaign trail or you can check in with Becky at or . GO BECKY!

A few of Becky's many supporters.....

It was standing room only as Becky addressed
her friends and supporters.

Becky speaking about the campaign and her
plans for the city of Monrovia. gonna' argue with the Hulk? Vote for Becky!

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thank-you al for everything,chris