Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Winternationals: Rain, rain, go away!

This past weekend at The Auto Club Raceway in Pomona was great for racing...if you were into racing boats! It was a tough four days for drag racers and fans at The Winternationals this past weekend in Pomona with only a few rounds of racing completed on Saturday and Sunday. It was also tough for nostalgia funny car owner Dan Pisano who owns one of the most famous cars in drag racing history, the Pisano and Matsubara T/F Funny Car driven by our friend, Jeff Utterback. Dan and the team were scheduled to make a couple of exhibition runs on Saturday and Sunday along with a few other nostalgia funny cars, but that was also cancelled due to the weather. On Saturday, however, they fired up the Vega funny car in the pits and made a lot of soggy fans very happy! Their friend, Amos Satterlee, was there to lend a little tuning support and make a few changes while they warmed up the car. The fans were 6 deep with big smiles on their faces before they shut the car off. After the applause and cheers subsided, one gentleman came up to me and said that his trip to the track was all worth it just to hear, feel and smell that bad boy light up! Nitro is good.

Even with all the rain, Dan Pisano found things
to smile about.

Jeff Utterback "at work" during the warm up
on Saturday.

From l to r, Amos Satterlee, Jeff and Dan. It's
kind of funny, Amos is a very famous nitro engine
tuner...for drag boats!

A look out the front of Bob Hansen's "Wynn's
Spoiler" which was also on display in the midway. cool is this....

Here's most of the Pisano gang...wish they could
have run.

Bob Hansen talking things over with one of the
other car owners.

Even with the bad weather, the fans were out
and the stands were full. Here's some of the
nostalgia top fuel cars in the midway.

Bob Hansen's "Wynn's Spoiler" which held the
top fuel record back in the mid 60's.

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