Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GNP/BG Oil Cobalt ready for 2009 season.

With all the extra curricular activities going on the past few months we were beginning to wonder if we are ever going to get back to the track. It was time to freshin' things up a bit in the Cobalt which meant new engine and trans. Unbelievably, we ran two full seasons on one motor. When GM sent the new engine to us they also included the pistons, rings, and bearings from the old engine for us to check out. They looked brand new! What a testimony to the GM tech guys and engine builders back in Michigan, but also to BG Oil and PetroSpecs. We run their products exclusively in our Cobalt and our other race cars, and that is why. Thanks BG for a great product!

Pato has all the cars ready to rock and roll with the exception of Pete's 67 turbo'd Bug. We're waiting on a few parts but it should be back together soon. We plan on testing in the next couple of weeks at Irwindale to make sure all systems are go before we hit it hard this year. We'll be posting our schedule in the next week or two; hope to see you at the track.

Just about back together...a new bullet.

Pato's custom designed oil cooler...and it works!

"I wonder where this goes?"

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