Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SURPRISE! Frank Marrone turns 50!

It was party time, Italian style, when the Marrone gang invaded AREA 51 for Frank Marrone's surprise 50th birthday Party. About 90 of Frank's closest friends and family tried to wait patiently for Frank to arrive but were pretty "amped up" by the time Frank's brother, Ben and a couple of friends, got him to AREA 51. They were about 20 minutes late, but the surprise went off without a hitch. Brother Frank was stunned as everyone descended on the birthday boy for hugs and kisses. Pepper's Mexican Restaurant catered the event and did an awesome job as usual with a fiesta package fit for a king, or a 50th birthday boy! "The Hoister Bar" was rockin' as was the entertainment for the evening, "Flirt", one of the best bands we've ever had play at AREA 51. You can visit their web site at . It's always great having the Marrone family in the house and this time was no exception. Happy Birthday Frank!

How would you like to have this gang comin' at ya'?

The anticipation was almost too much to handle!

The Birthday Boy! "What is going on?"

Frank addressing his friends and family...and
then it was time to party!

No one went home hungry. What a spread!!
Thanks, Peppers!!

AJ workin' his magic at "The Hoister Bar."

...a picture is worth a thousand words...

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