Friday, February 26, 2010

Battle of the Oil Co's creates little friction, just new friends! And it was girls night "out" in first round of racing.

"Thursday Night...Under the Lights" at Irwindale. Erica Nocita was back in her "happy place" as she and Team Dalcorp went out to do a little testing to make sure all was well with the BG Oil Chevelle. Rob at Foothill Transmission did a little overhaulin' on the Turbo 350 and, as usual, everything checked out just fine. And since we were there, why not run "King of the Hill" for a few bucks and braggin' rights. During the practice runs Erica met a fellow Chevelle owner/racer by the name of Ronnie De Hoop. A few match races later they had become best of friends and were having a blast pitting the two Chevelles against each other. What made it even more fun was that Ronnie's primary sponsor is the "L" word....Lucas Oil. You see where this is going. Some great photo op's and a lot of tire smoke later, it was all smiles at the stripe.

Then it was on to "King of the Hill" where Erica was matched up with the one and only, Pete "Wild Man" Gallup for first round. Just ahead of her was Eileen Pandeles in her 65 Chevelle, the other half of the girl's team. As the tree came down Eileen launched the blown SS but the light's weren't good to her as she went red and out of competition first round. Then it was Erica and "Wild Man." Pete made a great run nearly running on his number and had an excellent reaction time. Erica's car fell off a few hundredths and combined with a less than good light....well, guys 2, girls 0. But a good time was had by all! Well be back out on March 4th so if you're out at the track stop by and say hi.

It's good to be back....

John and Eileen Pandeles have a sweet new rig.
Will they still talk to us little people?

Erica was all smiles before her first check out
run and going to her "happy place."

"Wild Man", Pete Gallup and Eileen Pandeles
ready for a little match race action.

No doubt about it..."The Fastest Grandma
at Irwindale!"

New friend and fellow Chevelle racer, Ronnie
De Hoop.

...beautiful car.

It was "Battle of the Oil Co's" as Erica and Ronnie
put on a good show.

Do you think this guy likes his job? He was all
smiles all night!

We told Erica to put a little heat in the tires....
Enough said.

Every drag racer's favorite view....second only
to a win light!

Dan Althouse setting up the ladder for "King of
the Hill."

John Pandeles and Hugo Casals. Nice hat, Hugo.

Erica hookin' up with some old friends.

"Johnny B." came out to watch Erica. Since The
Winternationals he's been hooked on drag racing.

Pete putting on first round numbers.

....ready to "Rock n' Roll!"

Heading up for first round...

Gracious in victory or defeat, "Wild Man"
giving Erica HIS victory hug.

"It's all good!"

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