Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Winternationals 50th Anniversary. It Felt Like Summer!

The 50th anniversary of the NHRA Winternationals at Pomona could have been called "The Summer Nationals." Thousands of fans enjoyed temperatures in the 80's over the four days of racing at one America's most famous tracks. Near perfect conditions gave competitors and spectators alike conditions that you can only wish for (especially if you're from the midwest or east coast!) And, if that wasn't enough, one of the largest gatherings of nostalgia cars from the 60's and 70's made the event even more special. If you've ever had any interest in drag racing you had to be there for this once in a lifetime experience. Besides the great racing, the sports founding fathers and mothers were there to celebrate the 50 years of this historic event. We hope the pictures below give you a taste of what went on over the four days and what a special time it was. Enjoy!

"Fast Jack" Beckman giving a talk to some of the
VIP's in their hospitality area. He's not only a
great driver and drag racing instructor, but one
of the nicest people on the planet!

Erica with brother AJ and new drag racing fan,
"Johnny B."

He's hooked!

Melanie Troxel in "the kitchen" mixin' up a little
nitro cocktail for her next run in the In-in-Out
T/F Funny Car.

Ashley Force Hood ready for action.

One of the most famous cars of all time, "The
Winged Express" was in the nostalgia pits with
it's late, great pilot still in the seat..."Wild Willie"

Another one of the all time greats, the "King Kong"
Anglia of the Kohler Bros.

"Big John" Ladouceur had this piece of history
in the nostalgia pits. Completely original, it
looks like it had just pulled off the track at the
old Irwindale Raceway.

Another old guard favorite, The Chizler, driven
by "The Golden Greek" Chris Karamesines. The
car had just been completely restored by Bob
Hansen and looked awesome.

"The Greek" standing behind his granddaughter,
Krista, for the fire up in the nostalgia pits.

Bob Hanson, (second from the left) watching the
Chizler come to life.

"It's all good!"

Another famous car from the 60's, "The Wynn's
Spoiler" which is owned and was driven by Bob
Hansen back in the day.

"Big Daddy" Don Garlits with "Swamp Rat 5."

The car driven by one of the first ladies of drag
racing, the "Drag On Lady", Shirley Shahan.

Shirley looks like she could get right back in the
car and start spankin' the boys all over again!

"The Grump", Bill Jenkins.

Dan Pisano (r) making some final adjustments.

"Mr. Excitement", the professor, Warren Johnson.

....it doesn't get any better than this....

Erica with her new drag racing fans, Andrew and
"Johnny B."

First round wasn't a good one for Morgan Lucas.
Not a happy camper...

"Cory Mac" with a first round winner's interview
by ESPN.

How'd you like to pick up a time slip like this one?
Check out the left lane.

Buster (r) and his son Phil making sure all is
good down at time slips. Thanks Buster for a
great weekend!

Robert Hight and Del Worsham sharing a moment...

Long time Dalcorp friend Johnny Walker making
sure everything is secure. Nice job, John.

Joe Amato looking on....

"The Greek"

"TV Tommy Ivo"

"Big Daddy" in Swamp Rat 5

"The General" in the Force camp, Austin Coil.

Ashley was taken out by her dad earlier in the
day but was at the starting line to cheer him on.

Larry Morgan's new Pro Stock Mustang ran as
good as it looked.

Yeah, Allen Johnson's Dodge has a HEMI in it!

Mike Boyd getting ready to make an exhibition
run in "The Winged Express."

....Nostalgia Funny Car....

Before the finals it was "Cacklefest" time. Bob
Hansen in "The Wynn's Spoiler."

Buster enjoying the show....

....and a good time was had by all....even by Pro
Stock runner up Greg Anderson.

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