Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Wild Night at Irwindale for Dalcorp and the BG Oil Chevelle. Nocita too quick in the semi's but car and driver perform well.

Thursday nights at Irwindale always seem to provide some sort of unexpected excitement and this past outing at our local track was no exception. With a new set of tires on the BG Oil Chevelle Erica needed to put a few runs on the skins before heading into the night's "King of the Hill" bracket race. The car seemed to respond immediately to the new rubber as the e.t.'s began coming down to the car's "happy place." Micah Adams brought out his turbo'd bug and put down several nice passes in spite of a slipping clutch. Our friend Hector Urias driving his turbo charged VW gave the crowd a thrill when he looped his car at about half track. Fortunately he didn't touch the wall and was able to be towed back to his pit in one piece. The Pandeles camp came away from the evening with less than favorable results as the trans in their beautifully prepared 65 Chevelle decided that it was time to quit.

Moving into "King of the Hill" Erica made her way through the first couple of rounds and into the semi finals with the Chevelle picking up a few hundredths each round as the new tires began to break in. Second guessing the dial in for the semi final round put Erica on the trailer as she broke out with a 6.70 on a 6.72 dial in. It was a great race but just a bit too quick. (dad takes the loss this time!) But overall it was a great night with some great racing. See you next week!

Crew chief and hubby John Pandeles giving his
wife and driver Eileen some heated instruction.
Watch out Eileen, he looks serious!

Micah Adams with his turbo'd hot rod.

A little clutch slippage but a nice clean run for

Eileen, always dressed to the 9's, had to borrow
a driving suit as she had left her's at home.
Lookin' hot, "Lady P!"

Time to rock n' roll.

...a little hurry up and wait...

New tires...a lot of smoke!


Another nice run for Micah.


Duke's beautifully prepared Nova would be
Erica's first victim in "King of the Hill."

With a .505, .511 and a .514 Erica was on the
tree most of the night.

No hard feelings, Duke, just hugs.

The semi's....too quick.

Mike Morgan, left, says "That's a wrap!"

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