Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lauren Paff Stars in "Love You!" at The Pan Andreas Theatre. Her portrayal of "Mary Lynn" blows our dress up!

Our own Lauren Paff, aka CoLo, (Colorado Lauren), has been at it again! Starring in Lily Ann's "Love You!", Lauren stars in this fun little play at the Pan Andreas Theatre in Hollywood and steals the show! Her portrayal of Mary Lynn, a super star in her own eyes, keeps you smiling the entire evening. The only difference between Marilyn Monroe and Paff's character is that CoLo can sing! Performing several original songs written by Ann, she not only makes these simple little songs work, but makes them her own. She is an artist who knows who she is. This isn't by any means a Karaoke performance, but a "wow" moment in her stage career. Although there were moments given to us by other characters throughout the evening, the night belonged to Lauren. Congratulations CoLo on a most memorable performance. "Love You!"

Lauren made the blonde thing work. She looked
great as "Mary Lynn." Note the artwork in the
back round. Very cool.

Never "pitchy", CoLo allows you to sit back,
relax and enjoy the show. Solid.

Paff goes to the dramatic side seamlessly. Here,
a moment with Andreas Kraemer who plays Toby

Kimberly Nocita and Mernie Chew with CoLo
after the show. Well done, Miss Paff...and we
really do "Love You!"

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