Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Old Guys Rule!" Doug Smith and team 501X celebrate Baja 1000 win at AREA 51.

"Old Guys Rule!" is something you see a lot of on hats and tshirts these days. They're usually worn by older, baby boomer type guys who are about 50 lbs overweight and heading to the golf course for their weekly exercise...driving their golf cart. Not so for Doug Smith and a group of friends who decided they would like to see the Baja peninsula in Mexico. And what better way to see it? How about entering The Baja 1000 off road race and doing it on a motorcycle!! Doug and his teammates, Paul Doebereiner, Jim Dizney, Eric McKenna, Dave Potts, Steve Williams, Jimmy Sones and Charlie Marshal entered the biggest off road race in the sport and won the 50 and over class on their Honda CRF450X. They not only finished the 1,061.69 mile course first in class, but finished 7th overall out of 292 entries! If and when these guys ever hit the golf course, I wouldn't want to be the foursome playing ahead of them! Congratulations Team 501X and good luck the rest of the season.

The hardware....#1

One of the biggest modifications done to the new
Honda CRF450X are the lights. These babies
will brighten up your night!

...lots of stories and bench racin' after a 1,000 miles.

Win the Baja?...better have Mexican food!!

Lots of support from family and friends.

Betty looks like she wants to go for a ride!

Doug had sweatshirts and tshirts made up to
celebrate their victory. Jim Dizney checkin'
out the new wardrobe.

Checkin' out the hardware...

The "Hazmat Head" gets checked out by some
curious wives. Their comment? "You guys have
too much time on your hands."

Congratulations Team 501X! Thanks for chalking
one up for us old guys!!! You Rule!!!

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Bozonono said...

Congratulations from an old Dirt Digger ! Let's see the action shots and videos ! Bobby Baldwin