Friday, February 18, 2011

Morris, Patterson Head Meeting For Mt. Olive High School. Automotive Programs coming back to schools.

Several years ago many schools began eliminating their high school auto shop programs for a variety of reasons. The bottom line? They were seriously missed by thousands of young people who had an interest in the field of automotive repair. Fortunately there are people like the Patterson family and Kevin Morris, principal of Mt. Olive High School who are willing to do what it takes to put these programs back in place. With some funding returning to the schools, an automotive advisory group was assembled by the Patterson's and Mr. Morris to begin to lay the foundation for Mt. Olive's shop and curriculum. It may be 1 or 2 years before the funding is actually in available and things could get under way, but that's not soon enough for this group. They are looking to put things in place immediately through donations and the participation of local auto related companies. Sandy, her husband Harvey and son Sean, have been putting on shop classes and taking the kids on field trips to local businesses, racing events and other auto related happenings for some time. They also do a lot of hands on repair and building of bicycles for under privileged children. In the future they will be working with the local Elks Club, YMCA and other community service organizations. They are always in need of donations and materials to make these things happen, so if you'd like more information regarding the Mt.Olive program, please contact Sandy at

A little insight from the principal, Kevin Morris:

We believe success can be
accomplished through:
• A safe and nurturing learning
• A community of caring and
• Parent and community Involvement
• Shared decision making
• Strong standard-based curriculum
• Meaningful professional
development for staff
• Supportive counseling and
family services
• Directed-instruction
• Effective academic intervention
• Comprehensive pre and post
assessment system that measures
program effectiveness
These key factors move Mt.
Olive closer to becoming one
of California’s more notable
Continuation High Schools for
years to come. We are a team of
dedicated educators who are committed
to teaching and preparing
our students for life after high
school as socially conscience
and productive citizens in today’s
society. That is our commitment
to every student. The Mt. Olive
Family is a community of success
and nothing less!

...gathering time.

Sandy Patterson and Kevin Morris getting ready
to get things started.

Richard Nicholson was there to lend support to
the group and the program. A long time educator
and "gear head," Richard has worked with many
schools and related automotive programs.

You have to eat, right? Victor made sure no one
went home hungry.

Parents, professional educators, business and
company owners; there's a lot of brain power
sitting around this table...and a lot of very caring

Thanks to all of you for donating your time and
making the effort to put these programs back in
place. You guys rock!!

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