Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rogowski/Nocita Take "The Leap" On Valentine's Day! (out of a balloon, that is!)

For most couples, Valentine's Day looks something like this; a nice card, a box of chocolates, some flowers, maybe a romantic dinner out. Bart Rogowski and Kimberly Nocita had a little different idea of what might be fun on Valentine's Day. Let's take a hot air balloon ride....and then jump out! So Kimberly, Bart and their friend and cameraman, Paul Rodriguez, took off early in the morning near the Perris Valley drop zone and did just that. The weather was perfect and the views spectacular. Here are a few of Paul's photos from the day. We don't EVEN want to think about next year!

Getting ready for lift off...

"Put the coals to 'er, mate!" Lift off!!

Getting close to altitude...6,500 feet.

...out on the ledge.

What was it The Carpenter's said? "...a kiss
for luck and we're on our way..."

"Lil Kiuh"

The landing zone...it's the road between the fields.

....Kimberly having a little fun at Bart's expense....

Kimberly and a happy landing.

Happy Valentine's Day you crazy kids!!!

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