Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jim Annes Turns 40! Birthday boy takes b.y.o.b. to a new level.

It's not unusual for people having a party at AREA 51 to bring in their own beverages for us to serve to their guests. But when Kristen Annes decided to throw a 40th birthday party for her husband, Jim, they kicked it up a notch on the beverage scale. Jim brews his own beer and has for many years. About 50 of his closest friends and family were treated to some of Jim's favorite homemade brews and the party was on! Burger Continental of Pasadena provided the eats so no one went hungry. Great family, friends, food and a little home brew....It's all good! Happy Birthday, Jim!

With a name like "Skull Splitter" you had to
think twice before trying it but it turned out
to be worth the risk. Great brews...

Erica made the rounds to make sure everyone
was having a good time.

Jim, on the right, had a smile on his face all

Burger Continental put on quite a spread!

Jim's wife, Kristen (r), did a great job in pulling
everything together.

Happy Birthday, Jim! Here's to 40 more!!

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