Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Davis Crushes Competition At Santa Anita 5K. Tune up race has Margaret Davis running "on all 8 cylinders!"

We've all gotten the call or we know someone who has.  Grandma or grandpa fell and broke his or her hip, arm, leg or some other body part.  And that many times starts them down a path that is not so pleasant.  When we got the call a few months ago that 88 year old great grandma "Mahgy" had fallen and broken her leg we weren't sure what to think.  It didn't take long, however, for us to figure it out.  Margaret Davis and her daughter and running partner, Colleen Heublein, were scheduled to run the 2011 Boston Marathon in April.  They had been INVITED to run given Margaret's numerous marathon victories and were just beginning their training for the big event when she fell.  When the Boston officials were notified of the accident, they were saddened and immediately extended the invitation to 2012. Which could mean only one thing....a rehab training schedule and a comeback race.  And comeback she did!  We're not sure she ever left!! On a beautiful Saturday morning at the Santa Anita Race Track, Mahgy smoked the competition just like she's been doing since she began running competitively at age 79. To celebrate her return to racing, granddaughter Kristy Roblee, her husband Mike and their son Dane also ran with Mahgy and Colleen. It was a family affair all the way!  Congratulations Mahgy and Colleen, marathon racing's "Dynamic Duo!!!"

Mahgy and Colleen getting ready for the start...going
through their normal routine.
A little early for Dane and Ryan but they were troopers!

....it doesn't get much better than this.

Check out the runner on the left.  You won't see this at
very many races!

At the finish!!!  Chalk up another win! Incredible!

"High Fives" all around.  Great race you guys!

A hug from sister Debbie and a sigh of relief!

Mike ran career best numbers and finished well.
Nice job, Mikey!

The peanut gallery cheering Mike on at the finish.

Kristy wasn't far behind and finished with a sprint!

Finally, the big moment had arrived.  Dane's race!!

It's not exactly "Where's Waldo?" when you're trying
to spot Dane.  He's the one that's a "redhead" taller
than all the other kids.

After a hard race it's time for a little snack with dad.

Dane showing Mernie his medal after his race.


"...and the winner is...Margaret Davis!"

Not many great grandmothers and great grandsons
get to run races together.  Dane, you're a lucky boy.
Actually, we're all lucky to be a part of your life, Mahgy.
Thanks for dragging us along!!

Ryan, it won't be long but you'll just have to wait your turn!

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