Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ISM Canopy Piloting Series Ends On A High Note. Foley crowned inaugural series champion.

After several weather delays and scheduling conflicts, the inaugural ISM Canopy Piloting Series wrapped up it's season at Skydive Elsinore and it was worth the wait!  The competition was fast and furious as the competitors went for the event win but also for the series championship. The Chamber of Commerce day saw the 14 competitors put on quite a show for the spectators including a few "close call" moments in which no one was seriously hurt (except for their pride!)  The surprise of the day came when ISM team member Paul Rodriguez, who was competing for the first time in the canopy series, grabbed  second place honors just ahead of James Brinkman. But when the day was over, the man on the top step of the podium was Shawn Foley who took the day's honors and also the series title. 

Congratulations to all the competitors for putting on a show that we won't soon forget!  And thanks Bart for all the time and energy you've put into the series.  All the hard work paid off!! Can't wait til it's "Wheels Up" again!!

Ah, the glory of being the series promoter.  Here's Bart
setting the course on the 39 degree the

The course ready for action. Talk about perfect

Bart giving the morning briefing.

Dave Hawley during the speed competition.  We'll
see more of Dave later.

How do they get some of those awesome shots that
you see in magazines?  Here's Amanda Burgess of
Amanda Burgess Photography showing you how.
(yes, that IS one of the course markers!)

A little too low and you skip off the water like stone...

A little TOO low and you don't skip quite as well.  Here
Dave Hawley hits really hard.

...and skips right out of the pond.  He hit the water in excess
of 70mph.

...this can't be good.

...not exactly how Dave wanted to land.  The bad news, Dave
had to withdraw from the competition.  The good news,
he walked away...slowly...but he walked away. 

Bart making some adjustments to the course.

You see a lot of different styles coming across the water.
This might not be the most efficient way of doing it.

Paul Rodriguez making it look easy during the accuracy
portion of the competition.  Remember, he has to drag
his foot past each of the buoys to score the maximum
points on his run.

All the flags up means he got them all.  Way to go, Paul!

And here's still another way to cross the pond.  It
looks like he's hoping just to make it OUT of the

Paul Rodriguez and James Brinkman fought hard all day
for 2nd and 3rd place honors.

Bart wearing his "scoring official" hat.

I don't think that this was in the flight plan...

Dave Hawley hung out the entire day to help out with
the event.  Now that's one tough competitor!  After the hit he
took, most people would be in bed for a week!

When it was all said and done, Sean Foley (r) took
home the overall series win with Scott Harper a
close 2nd.  Congratulations to all the fliers who made
the ISM series such a success.  Can't wait til we do
it all over again!!

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Anonymous said...

Great article thanx for the write-up on your page. See everyone next season while i hang on to my title. Ahhh that "inefficient" style of coming across the water enabled me the only stand-up landing in a downwind zone accuracy run though, sounds pretty efficient for the conditions that is, one has to dig deep to slow down a downwind landing enough to stand-up in a course with out running past it as many did. Can't wait till next season to do it all over again!!

Shawn Foley