Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dalcorp goes south of the border to celebrate it's "Next Generation!"

Move over John Force Racing. The REAL next generation is on his way and his name is Dane Edward Roblee! Last Saturday at AREA 51 we celebrated our grandson's first birthday, fiesta style. Dane's favorite food is Mexican, so who better to create a feast for us all than Kelly and Pepper's Mexican Restaurant in Arcadia? No one left this party hungry including the guest of honor, Dane. But it was mostly birthday cake that filled his tummy!

It was really fun to have a few surprise guests show up: cousin Courtney from Colorado, Stacey Street, one of our adopted daughters from San Diego, Stacey's dad, Gene, who didn't know Stacey would be there, along with lots of old friends. Our daughter, Kristy, did a great job of creating the fiesta feel (which is hard to do at AREA 51 with all the memorabilia around) with her decorations and attention to detail, right down to the giant pepper pinata! After lots of whacks with Dane's Padres bat, Mernie finally took care of business and spread thousands of calories of joy all over the driveway for all to scoop up. The homemade cakes were masterpieces and the gifts overwhelming. Thanks to all who came and helped Dane celebrate this very special day.

On the racing front, we'll be back out at Irwindale with the Cobalt and the Chevelle on June 8th for the 3rd of 6 races of the Summit Racing Series. Erica is 3rd in points and is just a few points out of first, and A.J. with his great showing last race moved up towards the top ten in the very competitive Pro class. About a week later, we head off to Denver for the NHRA/NOPI event at Bandimere Raceway on June 21st and 22nd. Thanks again to GM Racing and Carmen Smith for helping us make the Denver trip possible. A special shout goes out to Karen Davis at the Holiday Inn for putting us up that weekend. We met Karen a few years ago when we raced there in 2006 and had the best time with her and the staff. If you're ever up in that neck of the woods, make The Holiday Inn in Lakewood your hotel of choice...and tell 'em Dalcorp sent you! Thanks Karen!

....The cakes....awaiting Dane!
Dane arrives and the party begins.
AJ and of our "adopted" daughters.
Little Jack Engstrom came to party...
Dane hangin' out with Doug, Dad and Grandpa Roblee...
Cousin Courtney...a surprise visitor with
great grandma Mahgy.
Hey dad, turn the power on and let's go!
Dane, takin' care of business...
Mernie put the pinata out of it's misery.
...all this for one child?
Dane really enjoyed mom blowin'
out the candles.
"Let's do this every week!!!"
Grandma Debbie and B's mom, Pam...
Dane with his girls...but at least he's not spoiled!
Present and dad had WAY more
fun than Dane.
Aunt Colleen with Dillon...he can't wait until
it's his turn!
Cooper wasn't too impressed by all the
guy stuff...
Mom and Dane having a Kodak moment.
The proud senior and seniorita...great party!
Alright, time to go....punch it, dad!

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