Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Car Night Thunders at Dalcorp/AREA 51 - Hansen's T/F Dragster Brings Hundreds To Tears!

Tears of joy were on the cheeks of many car guys and gals last Thursday night as Dalcorp/AREA 51, The Finish Line and WR Racing hosted the weekly meeting of "Car Night." What brought tears to so many? The nitro fuel burning in Bob Hansen's T/F nostalgia dragster, The Wynn's Spoiler. Bob was nice enough to take time out of his schedule to fire up his beautifully restored dragster - not once, but twice! The Spoiler was campaigned back in the mid 60's and held the national T/F record in 1966. What a treat to not only get to see a piece of drag racing history, but to HEAR it!

One of the coolest things about Car Night is that so many people come out to admire the wide variety of cars on display. We were privileged to have the editor-publisher of Garage Style Magazine, Don Weberg, visit the shops and spend some time talking with us about GSM. His magazine is a must-read for anyone who has an interest in cars and all that goes with them. Check out their web site at www.garagestylemagazine.com.

We also want to thank our sponsors that help make all this happen: Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Barney's and The Only Place in Town Cafe, BG Oil Products and Chris Shevlin of Chicago Title Insurance. You guys ROCK! If you missed out on this event, you missed out. Plan to put it on your calendar for next year (as soon as we announce the date) and enjoy one of the coolest and most laid back evenings of the year. Thanks to all who brought their cars out to share with us and help make this year's Car Night event one of the best ever.

Fred giving "The Hulk" a run for his money!

....the calm before the storm.

That's about $150 bucks goin' into that tank!!!

There was something for everyone at this year's Car Night.

It was fun to just hang out in the street and watch
the cars show up!

Kristy got to help Bob Hansen fire up the nitro-burning
"Wynn's Spoiler".

This could be 1966....

Bob's getting ready to "make her bark!"

Who had more fun than Kristy?

Like mother, like son...Dane's ready!

Some Arcadia class of '67 alums...Lynn, Mark, Geo
and Fred. What's with the shirts, guys?

WR Racing was decked out...the shop looked awesome!

John Marconi even made an appearance from the
Marconi Automotive Museum in O.C.

"The Hulk" was blinged out and ready to party!

One of the many families who took advantage of
a photo op with "The Hulk".

Twice in one night...Bob "lit er' up" again! 1966?

...it doesn't get much better than this...

"Dad, can I have one of these?"

John Vellejos and his dad, Mike, fired up their
injected alcohol car and rattled some cages!!!

Mike making sure John didn't take it around
the block for a spin!!!

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