Monday, September 22, 2008

Thursday Night, Under The Lights At Irwindale: An Even Dozen For Dalcorp Racing

It was another one of those perfect September evenings at Irwindale Dragstrip last Thursday night. The Dalcorp Race Team took full advantage of the night, making a dozen runs between the Chevy Cobalt and VW Manx. With several friends and family there, it was a relaxed, no pressure night of burnin' rubber and enjoying some great racing. Both cars didn't miss a beat all night. Even with changing conditions, they ran very consistently and put down some great numbers.

Some of the pictures this week are courtesy of Mike Morgan Photography and we really appreciate him donating some cool shots. Mike is one of the highest paid and highly regarded drag racing photographers in the business and it's a privilege to have his photos on our blog. You can check out his work at and contact him at 626-335-9025 or 626-221-4935 (email: to arrange any of your individual photography needs. Thanks, Mike!

AJ on a run...It's all good! (photo by Mike Morgan)

Mike Morgan making the GNP Cobalt look good!

...another great shot...thanks, Mike.
Focus..."Burn out to turn out". That's how you win.
Gordon "Lug Nutz" Stewart calls the action on
Thursday nights at Irwindale. Yeah, he's the guy
you see on ESPN...

Erica gave the crowd several John Force burn outs
throughout the evening. Hey, someone has to do it!

AJ was happy with that run...
Paul Althouse's beautiful Camaro with his son
Danny behind the wheel. And yes, it's as fast
as it looks!
Erica and Gordon sharing a moment between rounds.
Bro and sis enjoying the night...

Cousin Lindsay and a friend spending some time
in the staging lanes with Erica.
This looks like something out of "Close Encounters
of the Third Kind"....

Eileen Pandeles went rounds and ended up winning
"King of the Hill" in her '65 Chevelle...or should
I say "Queen of the Hill".
A huge crowd showed Erica and the Cobalt
a lot of love Thursday night.
....back in the 60's again?
The ladies love to come by for some photo ops
in the Cobalt. "Smile!"

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