Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Team Dalcorp sees red at final Summit Race - Cobalt and Manx run strong numbers

No, it wasn't an altercation with another competitor, an official, or a rules or track issue that had Dalcorp Racing upset. What had AJ and Erica Nocita upset was the red light staring at them on the starting line Christmas tree during the first round of eliminations on Sunday. Both cars ran great numbers in the morning test session at the Summit Series final event at Irwindale with almost matching season best runs. Erica's GNP Cobalt ran a 6.67 @ nearly 114 mph on the 1/8 mile, while AJ put down two 7.37's @ 90 mph. Everyone was encouraged by the morning's performance and were ready for eliminations. Unfortunately, they were a little too ready. Erica went .490 red (.500 being perfect) and handed Kenny Snow the victory. The win locked up the series points championship for Kenny in Super Pro and we want to congratulate him on a great season (You owe us one, Kenny!). If Erica's .490 was "pink," AJ's light was a little more on the red side at .450. Since the track was getting hotter, AJ spun the tires a little and the performance fell off a tic, but still ran a 7.40. With both cars out of eliminations, it was time to have a little brother and sister fun. The two lined up next to each other for a time only run and bragging rights. Again, both cars made great passes and Erica won the reaction time battle with a .540 light. Overall it was a good, safe day.

We'll be running this Thursday night at Irwindale, so if you're at the track stop by and say hi. Hope to see you there.

....test session - Sunday morning.

7.37 e.t. Not a bad run!

...hurry up and wait...

Second run during the morning test session.
Another 7.37....lookin' good.

I wonder if the dial in is what caused the trouble.
Notice the numbers on the lower left of the window...
......6.66.....that can't be good!

The color every driver hates to see....RED!

"B" ridin' back with Erica. No seat but still
lookin' good!

Brother and sister making some time only runs.

Lining up for bragging rights...Erica comes out
on top, but both made good, clean runs.

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