Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dalcorp Delivers. WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro Back to California. Next stop: LA Auto Show

After a very successful showing at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the WD-40 SEMA Cares Camaro came back to California for some final adjustments and fine tuning. The guys at GTR High Performance got the call to make sure that the new Camaro would have all 0f it's 600 horsepower available for it's new owner. And that new owner? The highest bidder at the next Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. All of the proceeds, every dollar of the sale, will go to charity as BJ has waived all of it's fees and commissions. The car will also make an appearance at the LA Auto Show coming up this week so if you can stop by and check it out. It looks even better up close and personal. But before it heads for the block, Mike Spagnola owner of Street Scene and the one who oversaw the Camaro build, said that there might be a chance for us to test drive this bad boy before it leaves for auction. Wow, giving us the keys to this Camaro would be like giving the inmates the keys to the jail! We can only hope.

More to follow...

Hanging out in the Rio parking lot waiting for the
boys at Viper towing to bring us the Camaro. AJ
just chillin'...

....I think he was tired of chillin'.....

The Camaro arrives. Now sitting pretty low, it
isn't the easiest car to transport. The Viper guys
got it to us in one piece without a scratch.

This thing even looks fast on the trailer.

Coming down the pass Saturday afternoon...some
"God Rays" as the kids call them.

Ready for it's final tuning out in front of GTR
High Performance.

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