Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dalcorp Racing and "Ernie the Attorney" Team Up For LA County Career Opportunities Day. Thousands enjoy a special day at Pomona.

As we've said many times before, the Los Angeles County Career Opportunities Fair is one of our favorite events of the year. And this year was no exception. A Chamber of Commerce day provided perfect conditions for the event as a dozen or so drag cars and bikes lined up to put on a show for the thousands of high school kids who were in attendance from schools all over Southern California.

This year's program was unique for the Dalcorp team to say the least. For the first time in it's almost 20 year history it had a Ford flying it's colors. That's right, the "F" word as it's referred to around the shop. Erica Nocita who usually pilots the Dalcorp entry was on vacation so it seemed like a perfect time to hook up with long time friend and attorney Ernie Algorri. "Ernie the Attorney" as he's known throughout the drag racing world has one of the most beautifully prepared race cars on the circuit. The 1967 Ford Fairlane looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor except for the big tires on the back, the roll cage and hood scoop. The other thing that sets it apart from most others like it? It runs as good, if not better, than it looks! 9.60's at nearly 140 mph out of a full bodied car! The high revving small block is a crowd pleaser wherever it goes and on this day it was no different. The kids cheered for the A/FX Fairlane as Ernie made his run down the historic track at Pomona. Thanks to Dana Mariotti at NHRA for giving us the opportunity to participate in this one of a kind event. Thanks also to the people who make this happen for us...Good Neighbor Pharmacy, BG Oil, AvComm, Chicago Title Insurance and Crow Safety Gear. And to Team "Ernie The Attorney", you guys rock! Thanks for putting on such a great show for the kids. It's still going to be known as the "F" word around here, but now the "F" stands for FAST!! sticker, Ernie.

Ernie and the Fairlane during warm up...

You never know when you'll have to make emergency
repairs. During tech inspection it was noticed that
the fuel cell bracket had broken and needed to be
replaced. It's never a good idea having your fuel
cell bouncing around in the trunk, so Ernie and
the boys made the repairs, quick and clean.

Hey, who needs a vice? Now that's trust!

Cousin Wayne putting the final touches on the

Ernie bringing the Fairlane back to life, fuel cell
back in place. It's all good.....

A final check under the hood and it's up to the
staging lanes.

Heading to the lanes...

If the cars in the background were gone this could
be 1967.

Nitro Harley pilot and friend Damian Cownden
ready to put on a show for the thousands of
high schoolers. Damian and his crew are from Canada
and had raced the previous weekend in Las Vegas.
Thanks for staying over, guys.

This was a high energy group...they cheered for
everything including the guys preparing the track!

Richard Nicholson welcoming the students on
behalf of the Los Angeles County School System.
Yep, they cheered for him too.

....what a view....

Exhibition or competition, Ernie's only got one

"Ernie the Attorney" in his other office....

Damian pulling into the water. This is one
beautiful motorcycle!

These Nitro Harley guys are nuts!

Racin' a cop...only "Ernie the Attorney". Seems
wrong for some reason!

...wish this picture had sound!

Ernie gettin' after it in the water box!


9.70 at almost "a buck forty"...nice run, Ernie.

Ernie and his posse...Hey, is that cousin Wayne?
Awesome job, guys!

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