Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Teenagers + Energy Drinks + Nitro = High Powered Fun!!! Isaac Barrocus Celebrates 18th Birthday at AREA 51.

It was high powered fun and games last Friday night as family and friends gathered at AREA 51 to surprise Isaac Barrocus for his 18th birthday. Dennis and Connie Barrocus pulled out all the stops for the party goers by providing great food, high energy drinks, a casino night and a nitro burning birthday surprise with "eight candles" that rocked the house. After Isaac was driven into AREA 51's "bat cave" by two of his friends, it was hugs all around as he greeted every guest individually. Then it was out to the patio where Isaac was introduced to Bob Hansen and his beautifully restored nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster, "The Wynn's Spoiler". After Isaac climbed into the driver's seat Bob lit "all eight candles" to kick off the evening and it was full throttle from that point on.
Back inside it was time to hit the tables for a little casino action and a Mexican feast provided by Victor of Tacos La Paloma. The action was fast and furious and there were some big winners at the tables. But it was Isaac who hit the jackpot by having so many people in his life who love and support him. Congratulations Isaac and Happy Birthday. You are the big winner!

Bob Hansen's awesome nostalgia Top Fuel
Dragster met the guests as they arrived.

It felt like a warm summer evening as family
and friends began to arrive.

Youth and Monster Energy drinks....it was time
to party!

Connie talking with family and welcoming guests.

As his buddies drive him in, Isaac, on the left,
just sat there and smiled. He didn't know what
hit him....

Isaac made his way around the room greeting
everyone individually.

"I didn't have a clue what was going on."

Isaac giving one of his sisters a hug...he still
had the "deer in the headlights" look on his face

Connie filming all the huggin' action while dad
Dennis looks on...it doesn't get any better than

Are you having a good time, Isaac?

It was out to the patio and time to put Isaac
in the driver's seat for the "lighting of the candles."

Most in attendance had never heard or "felt" the
sound of a nitro car....

Bob spins the HEMI to life...

Isaac had a different grin on his face as thousands
of horsepower came to life. The crowd loved it...
and I bet our neighbors did too!

Isaac and Bob share a moment after the start up.

The Barrocus gang...

Isaac and the Monrovia gang...

Victor and Tacos La Paloma have become a fixture
at AREA 51 for a reason...the food is AWESOME!

Dennis and Bob talking about some of the car's
history and performance.

...lots of smilin' faces and plenty of food.

The casino action went on all night...

This group looks like they've done this before!

Wait...didn't Kenny Rogers say "you never
count your money when you're sittin' at the table?"
Isaac's little sister plays by her own rules.

...this cake tasted even better than it looked,
and it looked great!!!

Isaac, you can't make that face until you're a
lot older...

Wait...didn't Jan and Dean say it was "two girls
for every boy?" These kids break all the rules!

Isaac gettin' in on the action.

The patio peep...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!!

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