Monday, August 16, 2010

Mooneyes "Christmas in July" A Huge Success at Irwindale Dragstrip. AJ Nocita back behind the wheel of the BG Oil Chevelle.

Last December's Mooneyes event at Irwindale Dragstrip was about as wet and rainy as it could be. Many hardcore fans and racers tried hanging out til the bitter end in hopes that the weather would break and the event could go on as planned. It wasn't meant to be. So Mooneyes owner, Chico Kodama, rescheduled the event and created "Christmas in July" and what an event it was. There was something for everyone in the way of hot rods, rat rods, a swap meet, vendors of all kinds, exhibition cars, F/X cars, jet cars, nitro burning cacklefest cars...I think you get the picture. Since the number of race cars was limited, everyone got as many hits as they wanted which is something that rarely happens. The day went off without a hitch and all the Mooneyes staff should be congratulated for a job well done.

It was also great having AJ Nocita back behind the wheel of the BG Oil Products '64 Chevelle. Even though it had been almost a year since he'd been in the driver's seat, he picked up right where he'd left off and never missed a beat all day. Nice job, AJ!

The highlight of the day came when our good friend "Ernie the Attorney" went to the finals in the highly competitive A/FX class with his 1966 Ford Fairlane and took the win. Ernie and his Ford performed well all day and were the class of the field by far. Congratulations to Ernie and all of his crew for a job well done.

Check out this A/FX Plymouth. How cool is this?

This '61 Ford was a crowd pleaser in the A/FX
class. She didn't run like no dawg!

AJ had his game face on early and drove the
wheels off the Chevelle.

The stands were packed and people we 10 deep
all the way down the fence to the finish line. Wanna'
take a ride with AJ? Click here.

Towing Bob Hansen up to the starting line for the
cacklefest felt like being back in 1966.

After so many years of putting other people
in Bob's car, "The Wynn's Spoiler," I finally got to
take the seat for the start up. I wasn't alone in the
car...I know I had Elvis in there with me! Thanks, Bob!!

Like we said...a little something for everyone.

Buster, right, talking to our friend Tony Franco,
the pilot of the "Terminal Velocity" Jet Car.

You gotta' love Tony's driving suit...

Tony with another awesome run on the 1/8 mile.
A 3.90 e.t. at over 200 mph! You're the man, Tony!

"Ernie the Attorney" goin' rounds.

AJ with his final run of the day...right down the

Unfortunately "Tuna Pete" and "The Super Tuna"
had an issue and couldn't get to the starting line.
The car is always a crowd favorite whether on the
track or in the pits. It's always "Tuna Time!"

"Ernie the Attorney" celebrating with the main
man, Chico Kodama, after his win. No appeal
needed here. Case closed!!

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