Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The "S & P 60!"....years, that is. Scott and Patti Kendig double the fun as both celebrate 60th birthdays at AREA 51..

When a husband and wife are turning 60 within days of each other there really isn't much else to do but throw yourselves a party. And that's exactly what Scott and Patti Kendig decided to do along with 90 or so of their family and friends. With the dj spinnin', "The Hoister Bar" flowin' and the dance floor rockin' it was "on the mat" all night as Scott and Patti made sure that their guests wanted for nothing. TangorrAmore' put out an Italian spread that would have pleased The Godfather while Scott made sure that everyone made an appearance on the dance floor. The birthday boy and girl proved that 60 IS the new 40! No slowin' down for these crazy kids! Happy Birthday S & P! We had a blast!

Scott made us promise to be the first one to sign
the picture. Here's proof, Scott!

Here's a happy face...

No one went hungry thanks to TangorrAmore'
Catering. The food was awesome!

Scott and Patti know how to roll...


I think Scott was having a good time...just a guess.

They don't look like they have 120 years between
the two of them!

Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! Soooo good!!!

Scott was "Disco Danny" all night. He made
sure that everyone was dancing!

You know it's a good party when the "Conga Line"
starts making the rounds!

Scott even got Kristy out on the dance floor!

Happy Birthday you crazy kids!!!

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