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Friends And Family Take To The Skies At Perris. Courtney Anderson gets AFF Certification in Colorado.

This week's blog is a little different than most. There's been so much action at the Perris Valley and Mile High drop zones that we put together a special skydiving entry to share all the high-flyin' fun. A lot of the action has been whipped up by Kimberly Nocita as she shares her enthusiasm for the sport she loves with her friends and family. But there have been a few that have decided to jump out of a perfectly good airplane on their own!

We hope you enjoy the pictures below...and maybe even consider coming out with Kimberly and Bart for a day you'll not soon forget.

Kim enjoys going up as much as she does coming

"Green Light!"

That's Kim on the left and Bart with the tube.
Why fly with a tube? It's just fun!

This is what you call hangin' out with your

One of our favorite pictures of Kim...sitting on
a cloud.

...what a view.
Courtney Anderson, better known as Cousin Courtney, had made tandem jumps out at Perris and was ready to take the next step. And take it she did as she recently completed the requirements to obtain her AFF Certification at her local drop zone in Colorado. She plans on making a trip out to So Cal on Labor and "fly the friendly skies" out at Perris Valley. Should be some great photo ops! Congratulations Courtney!!

It's easy to spot Cousin Courtney in these photos;
just look for the yellow helmet.

A casual wave to the camera guy and it's off to
take care of business.

Courtney, you need to try and have a little fun!

No, she's not checking out her nail polish. She's
"locked on" her altimeter.

Courtney Anderson, AFF graduate!
JUMP DAY II - "Are You Ready To
Skydive?" Who has more fun than
this group?
After last year's "Are You Ready To Skydive?" jump day Kimberly thought it would be fun to make it an annual event. So the word went out, sign ups began and another dozen or so friends decided to go for it. It was a time of sharing the excitement of the day and a chance to make some new friends. Congrats, Kim, on putting together such a nicely planned day. Can't wait for the next one!

Teresa, left, with her sons David and Joseph. She's
the fiance of Wyatt Radke who drives one of
Dalcorp Racing's drag cars.

Valerie Cantrell works with Kim and decided it
was time to "get out of the office" for awhile.

Long time roommate and friend Lauren Paff with
Kimberly during registration.

The boys gave Teresa the tandem jump as a
Mother's Day present. Kids....

Joseph's other half, Josie, was there for moral
support. I think when the day was over she
wished that she had gone up. Jump Day III?

No second thoughts here!

Kimberly and Bart got to go up with the gang
and share in all their excitement.


Lauren couldn't wait to get to Kim to tell her
all about it!

The Woods brothers had a great ride!

Pat McGowan, front row center, was one of
Kimberly's jump masters and just had to get in
on the day. Pat has something like 17,000 jumps
but you'd think it was his first time down by his
enthusiasm for the sport.

You really need to be listening to the theme song
from "Top Gun" while viewing these pictures.

Crazy Nick giving Lauren her tandem certificate.
You got another one down, Nick. Good job!

Lauren's "special guy" Jason was there in support.
He, too, has said he'll be up for the next go around.

After all the excitement of the day it was time
for a little "Bart and Kim" time. A quick pack and
it was up for the sunset load.

Great job, guys. Another "Jump Day" success!
Competitors put on a show at Perris
Valley Drop Zone.
If you ever have a chance to attend a swoop competition, take it! "Swooping" is part of the sport of skydiving that refers to the rate and the way that skydivers descend and land. At roughly 700 or 800 feet, the jumper will begin to spiral down towards the ground at speeds in excess of 70 or 80 mph and land in a prescribed zone. A competition is broken down into three parts: speed, distance and accuracy. Even though Bart has thousands of jumps and has his own demo team, (they're the ones that fly into events with the American Flag or banners) he had never competed in an actual swoop competition. At the end of the day Bart had finished 4th and put on quite a show for those watching. Nice job, Bart! See you on the podium next time!!

Kimberly actually worked the event as a judge
and did a great job...and didn't cheat!

Bart coming in for his second of two speed runs.
Their speed is measured as they fly between a
series of 5' pylons. He was entering the course
at speeds in excess of 70 mph!

Here Bart comes in over the pond and into the
course where their distance is measured. They
must be below the top of the 5' pylong and then
try and carry as much distance as possible down
the course.

Leaning as far forward as possible to try and
trim out his canopy to achieve maximum distance.

Some of the jumpers didn't do quite as well as
Bart. This guy had several adventures throughout
the day, here hitting the ground right at the water's

He actually hit butt first and then bounced to
his feet. Pretty awesome...we'll see more of
him later.

There are two passes made for each discipline.
The crowd favorite is always the accuracy portion
of the competition. The jumper must drag his foot
across the pond, making sure his foot is in the water
as he or she passes a series of bouys. Then they
must land in a prescribed box for maximum points.
Landing before or after the box will result in a loss
of points. Here's Bart showing you exactly how
it's done.

We thought this guy was going to ruin more than
his day. Yikes! Not sure how but he ended up
missing the pylon and saving the run. He didn't
receive any points but he came away with all of
his pieces intact!

...and here's our friend with the orange canopy
again. Look familiar?

...."Houston, we have a problem."

Luckily the pond is only about 3 or 4 feet deep.
Only his pride was hurt.

Here's Bart coming in...smokin'! A beautiful pass.

It's Miller time....
"Let's do that again!"

Part of the fun of any sport is sharing it with your friends. And when your friends are a couple and can share it with each other, it's even better. That's what Cassandra Froeshcer and AJ Spagnola decided to do a few weeks ago at Perris when they both made tandem jumps on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The only problem? As AJ put it, "I want to do that again!" We've heard it before, AJ. There are a lot of you out there!

Cass and AJ ready to suit up.

Kim hooked up AJ with Nick. AJ, you're in for
a ride!

Not sure what AJ was saying to Nick but remember,
you're hooked on to him!

We need that "Top Gun" theme song again....

Nice landing, Cass!

We have as many pictures of Nick as we do of
our family!

Do you think they had a good time?

....and do you think THEY had a good time?
It's a jump suit and basic blue for fashion
designer Kelly Brown as she takes the
leap over Perris.
Kelly Brown knows her way around the cutting room floor when it comes to high fashion and style. But last week it was the desert floor and 12,500 feet as Kelly and her friend, Bahareh, decided to do tandem jumps at the Perris Valley Skydiving School. Kimberly arranged for boyfriend, Bart, to film Kelly's jump as they shared the adventure together. Another great day with great friends.

Bahareh and Kelly signing in...and giving last

It's almost like Bart knows something that they
don't know.

Wonder what she's thinking....

"Baha" looked ready go go!

On the way to the plane, Kim giving Kelly some
final words of encouragement.

Bart doing a GoPro camera interview with Kelly
before they jump.

Perris Valley's premier cameraman, Joe, doing
the same with Baha.

....the pattern is full....

A high five from Bart! Nice landing, Kelly!

Here comes Baha!

.....you know the drill....."Top Gun."

Kelly's mom, Denise, came out for the day to
lend a bit of moral support...and pay!

And Kimberly was there to lend a little moral
support to Denise!

...and a good day was had by all!

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