Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Margaret "Go-Go" Gochez Hosts Party At AREA 51! Family and friends gather to celebrate this special lady's birthday.

When Margaret Gochez has a birthday it's a lucky day for her close friends and family. Margaret knows how to party! And there isn't a more giving or loving person on the planet. Margaret threw herself her own birthday party, but it really wasn't for her. She wanted all those close to her to have a time to share some laughs, some food and some great music and dancing. Margaret's party was all of that and then some. There were games, stories, live entertainment and a rockin' dance floor for most of the night. Victor of Tacos La Paloma put on a great Mexican buffet with his cooked to order dishes and had the grill smokin' all night.

It's always fun to be a part of a family celebration but this one was very special...because of a very special and giving young lady. Happy Birthday, Margaret "Go-Go" Gochez!

The Hulk had it right..."The Party's Here!"

Margaret, second from the right, welcoming
family and friends.

I think Erica and Drew had as much fun as the
guests. Think about it..they get paid to party!

Victor caters so many parties here we might
have to set him up with his own kitchen!

Margaret welcoming about 60 of her closest
friends and family and going over the nights

One of the games was like musical chairs but it
was played using a lottery ticket. As the ticket
was passed around the table, when the music
stopped, you were eliminated if you were holding
the ticket.

The final two. Don't get stuck with the ticket!

...check out these desserts!

Margaret had everyone on the dance floor and
it rocked all night long.

Margaret's sister was leading the way most of
the night.

What's up with these young guys? Can't hang?

....photo op!

I don't think Margaret stopped smiling all night.
Happy Birthday, Margaret! You are a blessing
to many!

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