Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carnight 2010 More Like Arcadia High School Reunion! A great time with old (and getting older) friends!

This year's annual Carnight hosted by Dalcorp/AREA 51 and WR Trans had a little different feel to it than in year's past. With several Arcadia High School alumni showing up it seemed more like a mini reunion than the typical gear head gathering. There were some great cars and motorcycles in attendance but the focus for many of us was that of catching up with good friends from our high school days. The stories, like wine, seemed to get better with age. Maybe it's because, AT our age, we're all just happy to be here to be here! Thanks to everyone who dropped by and made this year's Carnight a very special evening.

Gary Kepner, left, talking with AHS alums Steve
D'Auria and Dave Pfost.

Here's Gary with his 1940 2 door sedan. Nice
Ride, Gary.

A scary group...l to r, Frank Marone, Ted
Seriff, Jeff Hinky and Chris Shevlin of Chicago
Title Insurance.

Some of the AHS class of '67...Lynn Tenney,
Fred Trout, Mark Stirrett and John Pandis.

Sarah Shevlin slide in behind the wheel of the
BG Oil Chevelle and looked like she was ready
to put the SS through it's paces. Better watch
it, Chris and Becky! You might have a racer in
the making!!

Lynn Tenney with "1tongeo" George McClelland,
Class of '67.

Fellow classmate Ross Lee's '57 Retractable Hardtop.
Ross passed away suddenly in December 2009 of
cancer. Fred Trout is selling the car for Ross's

...a very cool ride. Interested buyers can call
us for info. 626 358 2868.

A little fundraising going on...

All the girls love Pato.

John, Mark and the Wigleys.

Here's a happy group!

A chance to visit with Tom Sparks is always a treat.

Another Arcadia alum, Roger Lord (left) and Roger

Mike Spagnola (center) doesn't miss much. Doug
Stokes (right) has Mike laughing about something...
'cause that's what Mr. Stokes does!

Jim Berens (left) in a serious discussion with
trans man Lorenzo Rodriguez, owner of WR Trans.
Lighten up guys, it's a party!

That's better!

Hey Phil, the keys are in it!

"Flash" with his street legal

Talk about a round table discussion. If you can
see through the cigar smoke, from left to right,
standing is John D'Auria, George McClelland,
Carl Burator, Fred Trout, Rich, John Pandis, Steve
D'Auria and Roger Wright. Close to 500 years of what we haven't a clue!!

George, Roger and Fred saying goodnight to
Carnight, 2010. And a good time was had by all!

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