Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Todd Harris Surprised At AREA 51! Friends and family celebrate with a "Rockin' Time."

Surprise parties are a really good time for everyone except those planning them. They can be nerve racking and a lot of work. And the surprise party for Todd Harris was no exception. Todd's girlfriend Yasmine and his parents, Diane and Dave, did what had to be done to surprise Todd for his 30th birthday and it wasn't easy. But it was productive as Todd took it upon himself to do some work around his parents house and clean out the garage getting ready for his big birthday bash. Or that's what HE thought. So when Yasmine pulled into AREA 51 where a group of his friends and family were waiting, they had him!

It was a "Rock N' Roll" time, with Todd's favorite music from the 80's spinnin', great food, fantastic desserts, and even a little high octane excitement as Todd climbed into the BG Oil Chevelle and "lit the candles." It was an awesome night with a beautiful family. Happy Birthday, Todd. And well done Yasmine and Harris family!

...and it was a "Rockin' Time."

Diane Harris with grandpa getting ready for
Todd's entrance.

Yasmine had Todd on the GPS looking up an
address as they pulled in so he was totally

Okay, NOW I get it!!!

Yasmine giving a thumbs up. "Mission Accomplished!"

...this is what it's all about.

Victor and "Tacos La Paloma" did a great job as
always. No one left hungry!

Dad seemed to be having a pretty good time...
and ended up with a clean garage!!

Yasmine was a pretty busy girl all night making
the rounds and was the perfect hostess.

Work! Work! Work! I don't know who has more
fun at these parties...the guests or the staff!!

These were GOOD!!

Light those candles, Todd!

It wasn't hard getting this group on the dance
floor. Hey, it shouldn't be at their age!!

The "Last Call" group at the end of the evening.
You guys rock!

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