Friday, October 1, 2010

Inaugural ISM Swoop Competition A Huge Success. Event showcases talented flyers on a picture perfect day at Perris Valley drop zone.

On a crystal clear Saturday morning, the first of four ISM swoop competitions got off the ground with about a dozen skilled flyer's and ideal conditions. Bart Rogowski and Kimberly Nocita, the organizers of the event, couldn't have been happier with the results of the competition. As Kimberly put it, "You'd always like to have more participants but the group that flew here today put on quite a show. There was a lot of talent out there and things went well. It was good fun and safe day and that's all anyone can ask for." With sponsors like Adrenaline Obsession (an active sport clothing line), Liquid Sky, Amanda Burgess Photography, Just Jump Productions and several others, the four event series looks to gather speed over the next few months. October 30th will be the next scheduled date of the series and there is already a buzz around the Perris Valley drop zone that this one will be even bigger and better! The nature of the competition makes this a great spectator sport so plan on coming out and seeing some real stars of the sport in action. For spectator or sponsor information you can contact Kimberly Nocita at And the best's free!!! See you there!

Did we say early morning....

BG is everywhere!!!

Although it would get into triple digits by noon
it was cool in the morning.

Kimberly Nocita and Bart Rogowski going over
some last minute details.

Adrenaline Obsession came on as one of the
major sponsors and also provided some cool
shirts for the participants. Check out all their
active sport lines at

Debbie Nocita and daughter Kimberly showcasing
some of the competition's sponsors. Move over
Vanna White!

Amanda Burgess captured some unbelievable
shots throughout the day. Check out her site,

The speed trials were the first in the three part
competition format followed by distance and
accuracy. Competitors can generate speeds up
to 90mph!

And when you carry that much speed, sometimes
the landings can be a little rough!

With his organizing duties behind him, Bart
got the chance to hang it out during the speed
trials. Wow!

Skydiving IS a colorful sport...

Time for a quick photo op between jumps.

Coming across the pond...going for distance.

Bart face.

Kimberly making sure it's all right and good to

Debbie was one of the pond judges and did a
great job. Her decisions were final!

Our favorite part of the competition; accuracy.
The object is to come across the pond with a
foot in the water as you pass the markers,
then come off the pond and land in a designated
area. Landing too soon or too late costs you
points. You must also stick the landing to score
the maximum points. Not easy.

Picture perfect!

After the group lands it's back to the packing area
and up again in about 20 to 30 minutes.
How many jumpers CAN you get into a mini
pick up?

....serious faces.

Bart making it look easy...

Eventual winner, Danny "DK" Koon put on quite
a show. And yes, he is going as fast as this looks!

Great job, guys. What a show!

"DK" with Bart. He was this happy and he didn't
even know that he'd won!

Bart was pleased with the day. Well done.

Adding up the scores and verifying the results
takes a good amount of time. Each landing is
video taped and must be reviewed to make
sure that the competitor clears every gate and
is within the course limits.

The second most fun part...handing out the awards.

"DK" getting the word he was number one!!

One of the shirts provided by Adrenaline Obsession
for all the competitors.

Adams Go Kart Track handed out some gift
certificates to the podium finishers as well.

Danny "DK" Koon with runner up Sean Carey
and third place finisher Peter Kallehave.

Can't wait til October 30th!!!

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