Monday, November 22, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner More Like A Party At AREA 51. (Wish we could have gone to the wedding!)

If a rehearsal dinner is this much fun, what will the wedding and the reception be like? When longtime friend and Sierra Madre School educator Barbara Wamboldt called us and asked if we would provide the venue for her son Chet's rehearsal dinner we jumped at the chance. Anything that Barbara is connected with is always a party. Chet and Kelly's dinner was no exception; it was party time! A great group of people, good food, many stories and a lot of laughs. What a way to start off the biggest weekend of your lives together. Congratulations, Chet and Kelly!

Even welcoming family and friends to the dinner
becomes a party when Barbara's the greeter!

Chet looks like he's ready to have a good time.

Some of the wedding party. By the way, did I
mention that they played football together?

....a pretty good Betty Boop face!

Wedding coordinator Sue Cook had everyone
in line and under control....most of the time.

Kelly and her dad rehearsing HIS big moment!

Now here's how you come down the aisle!!!

Barbara with a few words to say. Well, maybe
more than a few, but mom's can do that!!

Gifts for the girls...

Chet and his dad, Richard, made these custom
steins for all the groomsmen. Very cool.

Kelly and her girls...

Who said football players can't dance?

You didn't think Barbara was going to just watch,
did you?

A little quiet time for the father and daughter.

...and a final photo op with Homer and the gang!
Let the wedding begin!

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