Wednesday, December 8, 2010

American Baby Cancer Foundation A Real "Fun-raiser!" A great day (and night) of racing and car show action.

It was an all day and night affair on November 6th as Drag Corner Promotions hosted a fundraiser for the American Baby Cancer Foundation at the Irwindale Dragstrip. Activities included a car show, cacklefest, manufacturer's midway, kids activities, a great line up of exhibition cars and some great bracket racing, Manufacturer's Cup style. Four teams raced in a round robin format to earn points for their respective teams but also for round win prizes. At the end of the night Dale Raymond of Costa Mesa was crowned the overall champion and took home a cool $1,000.00 in cash! Tanner Poe was the other big winner taking the trophy and savings bond money in the jr. dragster category. Thanks to all those who participated and donated their time and money to help make this event such a great success. For more information regarding the American Baby Cancer Foundation go to:

Jeff DeGrandis was the Grand Marshall of the
event. Jeff is the Animation Producer and
Director for Nickelodeon as well as being the
official Ed "Big Daddy" Roth artist. Check out
his website at

Driver's meeting....

The most celebrated car in NHRA history,
"The Winged Express."

Teresa had the Dodge R/T on the money all day!

"Girl Power" in the jr. dragster ranks.
Radke on a pass....

Kevin Houmard looking over his son's beautifully
prepared jr. dragster. Kevin's cars are always
show quality AND go fast!

Wyatt Radke on the return road. It looks like
he's on the way to the beach!

Eileen Pandelas in her 1965 Chevelle. Check out
the size of the meats in the back!

Kimberly Nocita had the opportunity to sit in
Bob Hansen's "Wynn's Spoiler" for the cacklefest.

...the "Kim's eye view!"

l to r, Bob Hansen, Kimberly and Debbie Nocita.

"Lil' Kass Heublein" A crew chief in the making!

One of the event sponsors and good friend,
"Ernie the Attorney" put on a great show for
the fans all day.

Ed Schwartz (l) and Bob Beck did fantastic job
calling all the action on and off the strip.

Marianne Chew and Lynn Christy worked countless
hours on the event and made sure everything
ran smoothly.

Grand Marshall Jeff DeGrandis and his family
being driven in the parade by AJ Nocita in the
"Donutz 1" 1959 Caddy.

Ron Johnson brought out some of his cackle cars.
Here the "Chizler" gets a push down the strip during
the parade.

Gordon "Lug Nutzz" Stewart with one of his
ABCF buds before heading down the strip in the

Friend of Drag Corner and "The Camfather",
Ed Iskenderian.

Kimberly Nocita did a beautiful job singing The
National Anthem. Her performance could only
be described as prayerful.

As The National Anthem concluded, "TV" Tommy
Ivo's car and the "Chizler" were pushed started
and squared off on the starting line for an exhibition
race, parachutes and all!!

Mike Boyd putting "The Wing" through it's
paces. Awesome.

Long time friend and volunteer Fred Trout
talking with Erica and Kimberly Nocita about
the day's activities.

The MCC event in Barona last June made a fan
of rock drummer Vinnie Appice. Earlier in the
day Vinnie sat in with the band and played a few
numbers that rocked!

Special Award recipient "Mousie" Marcellus with
trophy girl and alcohol funny car driver...that's
right, funny car driver, April Ortiz.

April with Jeff DeGrandis.

Nothin' like a rocket car at night!!!

Once again, Tony Franco in "Terminal
Velocity" set a new track mph at over 219 mph
on the 1/8 mile!! Tony, you're the man!

Tanner Poe, the jr. dragster champion, with
his family. Great job, Tanner!!

Overall champion Dale Raymond with Pete
Baleno and April Ortiz.

Billy "BJ" Stewart in Erica Nocita's '66 Chevy
Nova. Ford guy BJ must have enjoyed the day
and been in a good mood to sit in a Chevrolet.
Thanks BJ and Dale for all your help. What a

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