Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nocita's Celebrate 37 Years In Paris...(oops) Perris. Courtney Anderson also makes first jumps with cousin "Kiuh."

If 25 years is a silver anniversary and 50 is gold, then 37 years must be "Nylon." Youngest daughter Kimberly decided to hook up her mom and dad with an unusual way for them to celebrate their 37 years of marriage. They jumped out of an airplane together! "Mom and dad have done a lot of things together over their 37 years of marriage but they've never jumped together. Dad jumped back in the 70's and mom made a tandem jump this past year but they've never been on the same plane together. It was so much fun being with them on the plane. It's something I'll always remember." Kim had also arranged for her friend Lindsay and boyfriend Bart to do the photos and was the complete package!

A few days later Kimberly's cousin and "A" license holder, Courtney Anderson, came out for Thanksgiving and a visit to the Perris Valley drop zone where she and "Kiuh" made several jumps while friends and family enjoyed the day with them. The weather was perfect and much warmer than Courtney's snow covered drop zone in Colorado! It was great fun watching the girls jumping for the first time together. They'll be together again over the Christmas holiday so stay tuned for more cousin action over the skies in Perris!

"Sorry, dad. No Cabernet on this flight!"

Ready to go...

Bart's friend and roommate, Paul Rodriguez, was
Debbie's tandem instructor. Deb looks so relaxed
she could probably jump by herself!

Paul's a little camera shy!

Nice photo, Bart. You should consider doing
this for a living.

The proud daughter...thank you, Kimberly!!!

The gang...

Nice presentation, Debbie.

Courtney arrives and is ready to go!

Kim giving Courtney the aerial tour of
the drop zone. It's good to know where you
should land...and where you shouldn't!!

Proud papa, Ken Anderson.

Bart jumped with Kim and Courtney and organized
their jump.


"Lil' Kiuh" coming in for a nice landing.

Courtney wasn't far behind.

Their first jump together! (I'm guessin' it will
be one of many)

Proud sister, Erica, will be making her second
tandem jump in just a few weeks. Can't wait, Erica!

Kim was giving Courtney some packing tips
throughout the day.

Courtney's friend, Aron, made her first tandem
jump and did great.

Let's go again!


...and again! This looks like a scene out of the
movie, "The Right Stuff."

Who has more fun than these two?

...a final equipment check and away we go!

"Okay, let me see. Did I forget anything?"

Kim had great landings all day.


I think Courtney was having a good time. Ya'

What a day! It's Miller time!!!

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