Monday, December 20, 2010

Second ISM Swoop Competition In The Books. Final round set for mid January, 2011.

It was blue skies and "wheels up" at 8:00am at the Perris Valley drop zone on December 11th as the second of three ISM Swoop Competitions saw about a dozen flyer's go for the top spot on the podium. The three part competition included two attempts each for speed, accuracy and distance. As always, the accuracy portion of the program provided some "hold your breath" moments as swoopers would skim across the pond at speeds nearing 90mph! When the dust and spray settled, it was Sean Foley coming home in the number one spot with James Brinkman and Scott Harper close behind. Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers for making the day such a success. Can't wait til January's event!

Kimberly Nocita holding the morning volunteer
meeting and getting support from fellow 'diver
Shannon McKernan.

"Professional Volunteer" Steve Pearson was
on hand to help out wherever needed.

...the definition of trust...when your girlfriend
packs your parachute. Kimberly putting the
final touches on Bart's rig as he readies himself
for the next round of competition.


Almost a rainbow...

There's head gate judge Debbie Nocita making
sure everyone was scored correctly.

Thanks to all the ISM Swoop Competition sponsors
for helping to make the day such a success.

It's hard to put on a competition AND compete
in it. Bart Rogowski did justice to both!

Awesome, Bart!

It looked like James Brinkman was going in but
he pulled it out. Nice run!

Kristy Roblee was on hand to help out her sister
and provide some moral support.

Kristy and Kimberly laying out the tape for the
distance portion of the program.

This looks like it's going to hurt!

Great job, guys and girl!!!

...and Bart and Kim!!

Kimberly getting a "well done" from nephew

...and a hug from nephew, Dane.

...and the winner is....

Sean Foley!!!

"Adrenaline Obsession" has been a great supporter
of the series.

Jessica Edgington scored well placing 2nd in the
accuracy and distance portion of the competition.

Left to right, 3rd place Scott Harper, winner Sean
Foley, and 2nd place finisher James Brinkman.
Congratulations, guys!!

...and a Merry Christmas to all!!!

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