Friday, February 18, 2011

Run Again, Becky! Run Again!! Shevlin returns as people's favorite for city council seat.

It's been almost two years since Becky Shevlin took her seat as a Monrovia City Council member and it is time to rock n' roll once more! For the second time, AREA 51 was honored to host Becky's kick off election party for over 100 of her family, friends and supporters. There isn't a more honest, hard working, patriotic, community minded person out there than Becky. She works tirelessly for the city along with volunteering for a long list of community focused organizations. Oh, and according to her husband Chris, she's also the best wife and mother on the face of the planet!! Good luck, Becky! And we're just curious...when DO you sleep?

As an added surprise to the evening, Chris arranged
for their daughter Sarah, who is away at school,
to make surprise appearance at the party. Oh,
and she also delivered the pizza! time of the evening!

In her spare time Becky also baked all the cakes
for the party.

There's "Big Jim" Costanza and his wife Leanne.
All the "who's who" of Monrovia were there to
support Becky.

Fred Bowden and Mayor Mary Ann Lutz enjoying
a little food and libation before Becky's presentation.

Husband Chris doing the intro's and thank you's.

Becky, center, still gets a kick out of Chris!!

There was a lot of love in the house that night!

I think Becky had as good a time as anyone there.

Can you find Becky and Chris? (hint: find the
person eating the cake and look to the left and

Chris did a great job organizing the party and
arranging all the food, drinks, and Sarah's surprise

A dynamic duo; Becky and Jo Jo Montgomery.

Becky with a photo opp with some her supporters
including Ulises Gutierrez, Monrovia's Citizen of
the Year.

Chris with a couple of his Italian buddies!

Great night, Shevlins...and good luck Becky!!
We're so glad you're "Runnin' Again!!!"

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