Friday, September 30, 2011

"70 What?" Suzy Dollins surprised at AREA 51!

It was going to be a surprise for Erica Nocita to celebrate a new sponsorship. At least that's what Suzy Dollins thought was happening.  Instead, fiance Bobby Ross and Gem City Grill put on a little get together to give Suzy her newly restored Nova. The Nova has been a work in progress for many years with Suzy trying to find the time and money to finish her dream car. When the project came to a screeching halt about a year or so ago, Bobby stepped in and decided to do whatever was needed to finish the project.  And finish it he did!  The car looks like a 1972 Nova but started life as a '73, or was it a '74?  Hey, that's why we just call it a "70 What?"  Enjoy the ride, Suzy!  Lookin' good!!
Suzy with her new ride!

The man who made it happen, Bobby Ross, owner
of Gem City Grill.

"Hold this, honey...I gotta' go!"

Bobby and Suzy with a toast at "The Nitro Bar."

Suzy gave rides all afternoon.!

Wait a minute, Suzy.  Wrong Nova.  You better talk
to Erica before you take this one out for a spin!

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