Friday, September 30, 2011

Tom Calnon Does 60 In A Big Way! He puts the "hammer down" in the car and on the bar!!

Tom Calnon knows how to put the hammer down...literally.  For years, Tom has built and remodeled homes, done all types of custom woodworking, many times for "A" list stars in Hollywood.  So when it came time to build a new bar for AREA 51, well, "Who ya' gonna' call?"  And Tom can also put the hammer down in a race car as we found out when he took Dalcorp Racing's SS 64 Chevelle down the track at Irwindale during a test session last year in May.  So when it was time for Tom to celebrate his 60th birthday there was only one place we were going to allow that to happen.  And happen it did. Many of his family, including his 3 married daughters and we don't even know how many grandchildren, relatives and friends gathered at AREA 51 and got they're party on. Young and old rocked it well into the night to celebrate this special man's 60 years. There was also some roasting and toasting of Tom that brought a lot of laughs but also many tears to all those in the room. From the '57 Chevy cake baked by one of his daughters to watching Tom and all the grand kids blowing out the was a very special night for a very special man who truly knows what  being blessed is all about. Happy Birthday, Tom.  This was one party that will be hard to top! 
Yes...I thinks it's time to party.

Josh Jacobs and AJ Nocita ready to put "The Nitro Bar"
into full swing...with a little help from Johanna.

....fashionably late as always, Lynn Christy.

"Rat Fink" kept an eye on the kids....

The boys rockin' the video games in the theater room.

Tom and Wanda with long time friend John Harrison.

They started roasting Tom early in the evening!

...decisions, decisions, decisions.

Taking a break on the comfy couches!

"Nice bar, honey!"

You write the caption...

some of the kids...

This was one "Heavy Chevy" weighing in at about 25 lbs!

Grandpa had plenty of help blowing out the candles!

A little dancing and Hula Hoops...

Three very lucky sons-in-law!

...and of course, "The Dance."

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