Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cloverly Elementary School Career Day a reunion for Blake Wigley.

When Blake Wigley, Dalcorp Racing's newest crew member joined the team, he never imagined he would be going back to elementary school - especially the one he had attended just three years before. It was Career Day at Cloverly Elementary School and Dalcorp's Erica Nocita spoke to several groups of children about the sport and business she loves...drag racing. It was refreshing to see young people who were engaging, intelligent, and polite, given all the negative comments we hear in the news today. It was also fun watching Blake reunite with some of his teachers and friends from just a few years back. Thanks to all the staff, especially Jenny Thai and Lynn Tenney for making our time at Cloverly such an enjoyable one. We hope you have us back next year!

Erica speaking to her first group of children before
heading over to the car.

Blake had the car lookin' good for the kids.

So many of the children asked great questions.
I think that by the end of the session, some of
these kids could have driven the car!

It looks like he's thinking, "Yeah, I could drive

Erica did eight or nine presentations throughout
the morning. I don't know how she does it!

The Good Neighbor Pharmacy/BG Oil Cobalt
was definitely a big hit.

Erica receiving a certificate of appreciation from
counselor Jenny Thai.

Great job guys!

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