Monday, June 29, 2009

Kimberly Nocita Jumping For Joy On Her 24th Birthday!

Kimberly Nocita decided what she really wanted for her birthday was to, as the saying goes, jump out of a perfectly good airplane. She did that twice on June 28th, her 24th birthday, and is now only two jumps away from receiving her first level of certification as a skydiver. On a warm and breezy day at The Perris Skydiving School, Kim completed her levels 5 and 6 which she said were the most fun levels yet. As part of level 6, you work on stabilizing your flight in the event you are tumbling or rolling in the air. Before you can stabilize, you have to be unstable, right? So you stand in the doorway at 12,500 feet, bend over, grab you knees and your instructor pushes you out! After 5 to 8 seconds you move into your arched position to regain stability and go on with your skydive. Yeah, Kim....that sounds like a lot of fun.....

Before her first jump of the need
to relax a little, Kim.

Going over a video of what she'll be doing to complete
her level 5 jump. Her instructor, Joe, giving her
some pointers.

Practicing a new exit technique...from outside the
plane. Pretty cool.

Kim and Joe...ready to go!

Headin' for the's go time.

Level 5 completed and a good, safe landing.

You'd never know it was 106 degrees! Lookin'
cool, Kim!

We've seen this smile before...

Getting ready for Level 6...practicing the
"delta wing." With this maneuver you generate
some serious speed.

Suiting up and checking equipment.

Final instructions from Steve. He was one of
her first instructors.

Special friend Clayton Young gave Kimberly some
new shoes for her birthday and you could spot
them at 2,000 feet!

Level 6 completed and a stand up landing!

Level 6, the most fun so far!

Instructor Steve...he calls her "a rock star!"

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